Super Bowl Champ Calls for Jimmy Garoppolo to Replace $30 Million QB

Jimmy Garoppolo

Getty Jimmy Garoppolo walks out victorious on November 27, 2022 in Santa Clara.

Count a past Super Bowl winner and former San Francisco 49ers starter as one who believes Jimmy Garoppolo will fit in with a new regime. And in the process, replace a $30 million starter.

Former 49ers fullback and Super Bowl 48 winner with the Seattle Seahawks Michael Robinson said on the NFL Network that he doesn’t believe Sam Darnold is the answer at quarterback for the new changes going on with the Carolina Panthers. Instead, Robinson believes it’s Garoppolo who’s a better fit in the Panthers’ transition to the new coaching staff spearheaded by Frank Reich.

“Young roster, great coaching staff, new coaching staff,” Robinson told Ex-Panther Steve Smith Sr. on NFL Total Access. “Frank Reich, guy that understands how to work with quarterbacks. You just got to stay healthy, Jimmy G.”

While a former quarterback of Reich’s while with the Indianapolis Colts is expected to be a trade candidate for teams, Robinson is hopeful Reich is listening to his idea of luring in Jimmy G to lead the Panthers offense.

“I just hope Frank Reich is not anywhere in that building banging the table for Carson Wentz. I just hope that’s not happening, Frank. I hope you’re listening,” Robinson said.

Not the First Time Garoppolo Was Linked to Carolina

This officially marks the second straight offseason that Garoppolo and the Panthers were mentioned in the same sentence.

As the 49ers were looking for trade suitors for their former starting quarterback, the Panthers were among the teams in the process of inquiring about Garoppolo the 49ers QB revealed back on October 6.

“Nothing obviously came to fruition. (The Panthers) were top of the list, I would say, one of the top couple. (But) I’m glad things worked out. I’m here, so I’m focused on this stuff now,” Garoppolo revealed to reporters, which was during the week of the 49ers’ road trip to Charlotte.

Of course, Carolina went with Baker Mayfield in the late July swap. Mayfield ended up being released in early December before being claimed off waivers by the Los Angeles Rams.

But now with Garoppolo ruled out of being a part of the 2023 roster for the 49ers, he’ll have the luxury of signing elsewhere. And with Darnold an unrestricted free agent for this upcoming cycle, Carolina has resurfaced as a possible destination.

If Carolina were to add Garoppolo, Jimmy G would have a multiple 1,000-yard receiver to work with in D.J. Moore. He’ll also be in a shift and motion offense being implemented by Thomas Brown, the former Rams assistant who was hired to take over the offensive coordinator duties for the Panthers.

Columnist Hopes Garoppolo is Involved in Blockbuster Trade

If Charlotte isn’t the destination, there is one columnist from a place Garoppolo is familiar with who hopes to see Jimmy G on board.

Christopher Gasper of the Boston Globe on Thursday, February 23 wrote down this proposal: Trade New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones and in return, clear up space to bring back the former Patriots QB. Gasper wrote:

“Garoppolo’s ability was overstated when he was Brady’s successor-in-waiting. Now, he’s being undersold.

[Garoppolo] is the fully-formed version of Jones with a bit more playmaking ability and more charisma, which is important as Patriots ownership figures out how to repackage the team to the Foxborough Faithful. This team needs a rebranding because the product features too many defeats and too little buzz.

A New England reunion with Garoppolo could be a chance for both sides to prove the doubters wrong. But, more importantly, the Patriots would be able to build a better team around their Top-15-type quarterback if they went this route. When the quarterback carousel stops this offseason, some team is going to be left without a desirable option. That will make Jones, still playing on a rookie contract, appealing.”

There are Patriot fans and members of the media who are questioning if the 2021 first rounder Jones is the long term answer in the post-Tom Brady era of New England. Garoppolo, once called a heir apparent to the seven-time Super Bowl winner, has returned to being linked to the team that took him in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

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