Seahawks Get News on Antonio Brown’s Suspension

Antonio Brown Rumors

Getty Antonio Brown has been suspended eight games by the NFL.

The Seattle Seahawks have officially started training camp, but the question for many fans is what additional players may be joining the team. The Seahawks continue to be linked to Antonio Brown, and the NFL finally provided clarity on the receiver’s suspension. Brown will be suspended for eight games this season if he is signed, and it will be interesting to see how this factors into the Seahawks’ decision.

“Antonio Brown’s suspension is effective Sept. 5, whether he’s on a roster or not,” ESPN’s Dan Graziano tweeted. “It runs through Week 8 of the regular season or his team’s 8th game, if he signs during the suspension.”

The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta previously reported that the wide receiver could receive a decision soon about his potential suspension.

“Rumblings around the league Sunday said Brown could get word this week,” Condotta explained. “If he’s cleared- or if the suspension is short- expect to again also hear rumblings about Seattle possibly pursuing Brown.”

The question is if the Seahawks are willing to take on some of the off-the-field baggage that accompanies the receiver, especially given the lengthy suspension. According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Seahawks have already conducted a “deep dive” on Brown just in case they are able to sign the receiver.

“The Seahawks have done a deep dive on Brown,” Fowler said, via CBS Sports. “…They feel they have a good grasp on who he is both as a player and as a person. Several teams are on hold as they are waiting on a suspension. The NFL has not tipped its hand on how many games Brown will be suspended for his issues, but at will be at least some. That’s what every team expects.”

Brown had threatened to retire, but appears to have backed off that stance with things now resolved.

The Seahawks Cannot Be Ruled Out for Signing Brown

Condotta went on to explain that the Seahawks should not be ruled out for signing Brown. If Brown is signed, the Seahawks are likely banking on his relationship with Russell Wilson. Earlier this offseason, Brown posted a video of himself working out with the Seahawks quarterback at Wilson’s home in San Diego.

“But, as noted above, the Seahawks added some cap room over the weekend and appear to have enough to make it work with Brown,” Condotta added. “…The Seahawks, though, would bank heavily on Brown’s relationship with Wilson and Wilson’s influence to smooth out his transition to Seattle. In other words, you can’t rule out the Seahawks signing Brown, even if it still seems unlikely.”

A.B. Called Out the NFL After Threatening to Retire

Prior to the announcement, Brown recently took to social media to threaten his retirement over his frustration stemming from a lack of an NFL ruling on his punishment. It did not take long for Brown to backtrack and attempt to put pressure on the NFL.

“@nfl I have complied with each and every ask of your investigations throughout the past 11 months,” Brown noted on Instagram. “You have had access to all of my phones, you know what the deal is in each and every situation that the media has distorted. I have been seeing the therapist you asked me to, I have worked on all aspects of my life this past year and have become a better man because of it.”

Brown went on to say that he feels his status is in “limbo” and wants to “talk to these teams properly” with a resolution on his suspension.

“The fact that you refuse to provide a deadline and the reason for the fact you won’t resolve your investigations is completely unacceptable,” Brown continued. “I demand you provide me clarity on this situation immediately if you really care about my wellbeing. My legal team continues to ask and you provide no answers. How is it that the league can just drag it’s feet on any investigation it chooses on players and we just have to sit there in limbo? Need an update so I can talk to these teams properly, they’re waiting on you @nfl let’s get this thing moving! We’ve got history to make!! #Himmothy”

Brown finally has a resolution, but the recent news likely works in Josh Gordon’s favor who has also been linked to the Seahawks. It will be worth watching to see if the Seahawks add one of the receivers prior to the season.

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