Pete Carroll Delivers Strong Statement on Potential Seahawks Boycott

Russell Wilson Pete Carroll

Getty Russell Wilson put the Seahawks on notice.

As the NBA season hangs in the balance, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was asked if he believed his team could boycott any games this year as a way to push social justice reform. Carroll refused to rule out the idea admitting “anything is possible” and called the current climate a “season of protest.”

“You know, anything is possible,” Carroll noted, per “I mentioned to the players, this the season of protest. So we’ll handle ourselves as we do. But this is a protest that doesn’t have an end to it until all the problems go away, and we solve issues and stuff. So we’re going to do our part and continue to work to stay actively involved and continue to stay in touch with the situations that are going on by staying on the topics, just in hopes that we can be there to help and support when we can and have influence where we can. The whole Black Lives Matter thing couldn’t be more obvious how true this whole movement is, and how much focus and change needs to come. It’s just so clear. I hope we can do something to help.”

The NFL season is just weeks away from starting and there are many challenges the league faces to have a full schedule. The country continues to simultaneously deal with the ongoing pandemic as well as a push for social justice reform. The league has implemented detailed COVID-19 protocols, but it will be worth watching how NFL players respond to the NBA’s halt in action.

The Seahawks Held Their Scheduled Scrimmage

While Carroll discussed being open to the idea of a potential boycott, the Seahawks continued with their scheduled scrimmage as sporting events across leagues were canceled. It marked the second scrimmage the team has had at CenturyLink Field since training camp began. A day later several NFL teams canceled practices including the Packers, Bears and Jaguars. Carroll noted the team continues to discuss the issues facing the country.

“The one thing we’re not, is we’re not numb to it,” Carroll added. “We’re in tune, the guys are feeling it, it’s topical, and we know that we have to do something. Like everybody that cares on the right side of this whole issue, you worry that you can’t do enough, you worry that you can’t be effective enough to create the change that we need. So we’ll continue to stay on it and continue to talk and do what we can.”

Marquise Blair Shined in the Seahawks’ Mock Game With 2 Interceptions

On the field, Marquise Blair shined with two interceptions as he took advantage of Jamal Adams being sidelined for the mock game. Seahawks corner Shaquill Griffin already notices a difference in Blair’s play heading into his second season.

“He’s comfortable,” Griffin noted, per “I feel like last year, he was kind of going with the flow, he was a rookie, he was learning. Now he’s playing more like a vet. He’s comfortable, you can feel it when he’s out there, he doesn’t feel like he shouldn’t be out there… He’s showing up and making the plays we’re expecting him to make. He came up big twice today, which is cool, because we can expect that from him during the season… It’s cool to see him come into his own. He’s doing an amazing job so far.”

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