Pete Carroll Fires Back After Jets Trolled Seahawks

Antonio Brown Seahawks

Getty The Seahawks continue to be linked to Antonio Brown.

Pete Carroll heard the criticism from Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and the Seahawks coach fired back. Williams suggested that Jamal Adams could be “bored” with the Seahawks defensive scheme.

“Well let’s just pass it back: we don’t make as many mistakes as he does,” Carroll told Seattle 950 KJR (via Yahoo Sports) . “Let’s let him have a chance to come back. We might as well do something coast-to-coast — that will be fun.”

Williams took a subtle jab at the Seahawks defensive scheme implying that there was not much variety.

“Jamal may get bored there because they don’t use their safety-type things and all the different complexities, maybe not showing what they’re doing as much as we do,” Williams noted to SNY TV. “…He had maybe his most productive year here because of how we highlighted the skill sets that he’s had.”

Jamal Adams on Jets: ‘Gregg Just Misses Me’

Adams chimed in by noting that Williams “misses” him. The new Seahawks safety tried to stand up for his new coach.

“Gregg just misses me @PeteCarroll it’s ok… lol,” Adams tweeted.

Adams explained that he expects to “roam” a little more in the Seahawks defense. Despite the recent banter, Adams has been complimentary of Williams and how he was utilized with the Jets.

“I think that I was in a great type of defense over there in New York – Gregg Williams did an outstanding job,” Adams explained, per ESPN 710 Seattle. “But over here, I think they’re gonna let me roam a little bit more, they’re gonna let me be me, they’re gonna put me in positions to get my hand more on the ball so I’m not classified a box safety.”

Carroll on Adams: ‘Watch the Juice That He Brings’

Carroll appears thrilled that the Seahawks were able to acquire Adams. The Seahawks traded two first-round picks for Adams, but Carroll praised the “juice” that Adams will bring to the team this season.

“Watch him play, watch the juice that he brings, watch the energy that he feels playing this game that he loves, and how that affects the people around him,” Carroll noted, per “I know that that’s going to carry over to the locker room, I just don’t know that for a fact yet, I’ve just been able to watch him on the field, and all of the fire and the juice that comes out of, that it is what I’ve loved about this game since I was a little kid. And so to see that we’re able to bring that to our club—we want to be as juiced and jacked up to play this game as anybody who’s ever been in the history of the game, well this is a guy that understands that, that’s where he wants to live, so he’s going to affect us in a really positive way.”

It is hard to imagine the Seahawks gave up so much for Adams just to utilize him as a traditional box safety. Carroll has been coy about their plans for Adams this season, but we can expect to see the safety used all over the field.

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