Seahawks’ Jamal Adams Reveals Surprising Thoughts on Patriots

Jamal Adams Jets

Getty Jamal Adams had a message to those who thought he may be "bored" with the Seahawks.

Jamal Adams spent years going against the New England Patriots in the AFC East, but things look a little different now that he is with the Seattle Seahawks. During an interview on Nate Burleson’s Weeks podcast, Adams squashed the notion that he hated the Patriots.

“Bro, I am going to be quite honest,” Adams explained. “I never told anybody this. I never hated the Patriots. I never hated them. I respect the Patriots. People hate the Patriots because they win so much, and I respect winners. I couldn’t beat ’em, you know, I never beat ’em.”

Adams may not hate the Patriots, but the new Seahawks safety has unfinished business against his former division rival. While with the Jets, Adams never defeated the Patriots and would like for that to change on Sunday. Adams admitted the Seahawks have a difficult challenge against Cam Newton.

“We got to slow him [Cam Newton] down as best as possible,” Adams added. “Obviously, not only can he throw but he can run. I’m very familiar with that group over there. I am looking forward to seeing them again, playing against them again. I know they’re looking forward to playing me again, but obviously, it’s just [a] different uniform. But the ultimate goal is to finally beat the Patriots, that’s the goal. Once I get that, I think I’ll be alright.”

Pete Carroll on Jamal Adams: ‘He’s Got So Much Fire in Him’

After 12 tackles and a sack, Pete Carroll was thrilled with Adams’ debut performance with the Seahawks. Carroll described Adams as an incredible competitor who is rubbing off on the rest of the defense.

“There’s no doubt. There’s no doubt. He is such an energetic just personality,” Carroll said, per “He’s got so much fire in him. He’s an incredible job competitor. Does it rub off? Yes. And I’m so thrilled he’s on our team and we got him as much not just for the play but what you brings and how he affects other people and he’ll continue to do that.”

The Seahawks Made the Decision to ‘Go for It’ in Trade for Adams

The Seahawks gave up two future first-round picks along with Bradley McDougald for Adams. Seattle was widely criticized for giving up a lot in a trade for a strong safety, but the very early returns show Adams’ presence has transformed the defense. The reality is the Seahawks have had the good fortune of regular playoff runs which makes their first-round selections close to the second-round. During an interview on The Peter King Podcast, Seahawks general manager John Schneider explained why the team was willing to give up so much for Adams.

“And we just viewed it as an opportunity to say, ‘if we’re picking No. 27 and move up to (No. 6), what does that look like on to us on draft weekend?’ Schneider explained (via “And quite honestly, we felt like it was appropriate for us, that that would be the right compensation. Now that can be debated, right? It’s fun, it’s entertainment for everybody, I get it. But when you’re in that arena with somebody and you’re having those negotiations and you’re trying to figure out what your future is going to look like and what your windows of opportunity look like, we just felt like we should go for it. You can’t sit here and preach that you’re going to be a consistent championship-caliber football team and not be in something like this and go for it.”

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