DK Metcalf Responds to Pete Carroll’s Criticism of Star Receiver

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Getty DK Metcalf is ready to keep his emotions in check.

After the Seattle Seahawks’ loss to the Tennessee Titans, Pete Carroll noted DK Metcalf “went too far” as the receiver accrued multiple penalties in the first two weeks of the season. Heading into Week 3, Carroll made it a point of emphasis on multiple occasions to note that the Seahawks needed Metcalf to keep his emotions in check.

“Well, I think he was trying really hard early and it was, it happened in both games where he’s really trying to set the tempo and try to find the competitive makeup of the game, and he needed to calm down a little bit,” Carroll told reporters. “He was trying a little- trying too hard- but he was just really working hard. I mean, really working hard. Sometimes it goes too far. He had the two holes on the perimeter screens and those were important plays to us. He was really mauling the guy he was blocking and just went too far.

During his mid-week press conference, Carroll was again candid explaining that Metcalf “was going overboard a little bit” in the team’s first two matchups. Metcalf is much more of a known commodity for defenses now that he is widely regarded as one of the top receivers in the NFL.

“I think he’s been really strong, played really strong,” Carroll noted when asked about Metcalf’s overall performance. “He was really jacked for both games early in the games and just tried a little bit too much to have impact. But he’s finding his way, he’s so prepared to go for it and all that, and he’s finding his way. And, you know, he had a couple of penalties, that were costly and because he’s really going overboard a little bit. And so, he’s ready to go. We’ve talked all about it. He’s ready to go.”

Metcalf on Carroll’s Criticism: ‘He’s Completely Right’

To his credit, Metcalf owned up to his mistakes through the first two weeks of the season. Tyler Lockett has been the focal point of the offense in both games, but Metcalf has emphasized his main concern is to help the team win each week. When asked about Carroll’s comments, Metcalf agreed with the Seahawks coach noting that he was “completely right” in his assessment.

“I mean, he’s completely right,” Metcalf explained in his Week 3 press conference. “I’m an emotional person, I play with a competitive edge. I’m not trying to lose anything, whether that’s an argument or a route or you know, anything. So, I’m just going to compete my butt off. But, like I just said, get close to the line, but don’t cross it.”

Opposing Corners Are ‘Talking S***’ to Him More This Season, Says Metcalf

Metcalf admitted that opposing corners are “taking s***” to him more than they did in years past. As for his quiet start to the season, Metcalf explained that the increased trash-talking is the main difference in opposing defenses.

“They can’t stop me any other way or stop Tyler any other way,” Metcalf said regarding the trash talk. “So, the best thing they can do is just try to talk stuff to me. …Knowing myself and knowing that they’re trying to get to me and trying to, get me to cross that line. But, there’s a bigger prize at the end of the tunnel so, not just falling into the trap and knowing that, I play for a team, not just for myself.”

Metcalf looked to be battling a knee injury against the Titans, but the wide receiver emphasized that he feels strong heading into Week 3. The Seahawks receiver is expected to take the field against the Vikings.

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