Seahawks’ Jamal Adams Gives Key Injury Update

Seahawks Jamal Adams

Getty Jamal Adams responded to questions about his coverage ability.

Jamal Adams had a message for Seattle Seahawks fans who are concerned about the safety after leaving the team’s matchup with the Dallas Cowboys with a groin injury. Adams took to Twitter with a message for the 12s: “I’m doing just fine.”

“To the 12’s, I’m doing just fine!” Adams tweeted. “Appreciate you guys for the Support! -Luv.”

Adams sounded more optimistic than the Seahawks as Pete Carroll indicated the safety’s status against the Dolphins is seriously in doubt. Carroll noted that is is “going to be hard” for Adams to play this week.

“Jamal is going to have a hard time with the groin strain, that’s going to be hard for him,” Carroll said, per “We’ll see if he’ll be able to make it back.”

The Seahawks Received a Number of Positive Injury Updates

Adams was just one of several Seahawks players who was injured against the Cowboys. The safety left the game late in the fourth quarter and did not return to action. The good news is the Seahawks received several positive reports on the injury front. Carroll indicated that none of the injured players “got banged up seriously.”

“The initial reports we have back from the MRIs and the tests and all that is that none of the guys that got banged up got banged up seriously where it’s going to take a long time,” Carroll explained. “We’re going to have to go through the week and see how it goes, but no surgeries or any of that kind of stuff upcoming at this point. So we might have dodged a bullet a little bit in that. It’s going to be get back on Wednesday, see where guys are, see what they can handle… It’s just going to take us all week long to figure it out. But we’re really pleased with the reports that came back that there was nothing serious that’s going to be like guys are out for a long time and you have to think about IRing them and stuff like that. That did not happen.”

Adams on Instagram: ‘Stay Positive’

The Seahawks safety appears to still be in good spirits, even if he may miss some time. Adams sent out several social media messages after Sunday’s win over the Cowboys with a special emphasis on positivity.

“If you can stay positive in the face of negativity, you win! #Prez,” Adams posted on Instagram.

After not experiencing many winning seasons in New York, Adams is thrilled at the Seahawks’ 3-0 start to the season.

“I’m so proud of the way we finished yesterday,” Adams noted on Twitter after the Seahawks win over the Cowboys. “It’s never perfect but 3-0 feels damn good!!”

Prior to the start of the season, Adams praised Carroll for speaking out on social justice issues and allowing the players to also use their voice.

“He has our back, I have his back,” Adams said, per The Seattle Times. “I texted him last night and I thanked him. I thanked him and I thanked John. I thanked all of them, because they understand. They give us a voice. They give us a platform to use our voice. They let us be ourselves. They don’t judge us. And you can’t ask for that as a Black man, anymore, like you really cannot ask for (that). And for Pete and so many guys on the staff to understand our pain and understand our anger and sit there and listen and educate, that’s what it’s about.”

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