Seahawks Almost Signed 6-Time Pro Bowl Wide Receiver

Russell Wilson Randy Moss

Getty The Seattle Seahawks tried to lure Randy Moss out of retirement.

Russell Wilson connecting with Randy Moss for a touchdown pass as Seattle Seahawks teammates sounds like a scenario dreamed up in Madden. The Hall-of-Fame wide receiver just revealed he almost signed with the Seahawks in 2013 and would have been part of the team’s Super Bowl run.

Moss’ revelation appeared to even surprise Russell Wilson who was conducting the interview with the legendary receiver on his Danger Talk podcast. The receiver explained he received a call from Seahawks general manager John Schneider after Percy Harvin was slated to miss significant time with an injury.

“The year you guys went to New York and beat Denver, remember that Super Bowl?” Moss asked. “Listen, I had an opportunity, Russ. I had an opportunity to come and play with you guys. …Listen to me, I had an opportunity. [John] Schneider tried to bring me off the rack.”

Here’s a look at Wilson’s interview with Moss.

Wilson Didn’t Know the Seahawks Almost Signed Moss

Not only was this news to Seahawks fans, but the team’s franchise quarterback also did not know Moss almost joined the team. Wilson had a strong reaction on the podcast when he learned he would have been able to throw deep passes to Moss.

“Man, I would have thrown you a go-ball so dang far you wouldn’t have even been able to see how far it went,” Wilson joked. “It would have gone to the moon and all the way back down.”

Moss was working as a Fox Sports analyst when he received the call from the Seahawks. He admitted he was intrigued by coming out of retirement, but the receiver ultimately passed on the opportunity because he did not feel physically-ready to be back in the NFL. Moss played the previous season for the 49ers notching 28 receptions for 434 yards and three touchdowns in his final NFL tour.

“So, listen, Percy [Harvin] just got hurt, okay,” Moss continued. “Percy just got hurt. So, I get a call, I’m working for Fox. I’m working out, but I’m not training. I stopped training three weeks prior, because I said, ‘Well, you know what? I am going to keep training because if a team would want to pick me up going into the playoffs, I would at least honor that.’ So, he called me and told me ‘Percy got hurt. The guys would be ecstatic if you came into the locker room.’ So, I said, look man, it is an honor, I appreciate it, but I said, ‘I know that I am not physically ready to go and play.'”

Moss Didn’t Want to ‘Ring Chase’ With the Seahawks

The Seahawks went on to win a Super Bowl despite Moss’ decision to stay retired. Moss noted that he did not want to chase a Super Bowl ring when he was not where he needed to be physically on the football field.

“As much as I would want to have a Super Bowl ring, Russ, I wasn’t chasing one,” Moss explained. “The cat never got out of the bag just because I didn’t really want to entertain it. Just [wanted] to let you know, since we’re on this podcast.”

Moss went on to add that he did want the Seahawks to be let down by underwhelming in a potential comeback. Moss was one of the greatest receivers of all-time, but it sounds like things worked out for both parties. The former receiver went on to carve out a new niche as an NFL analyst for ESPN.

“I did not want to let you guys down, man,” Moss admitted. “Mentally, I was like, ‘Dude, I don’t want to pass this chance up.’ But from a physical standpoint, man, just how I approach the game and how I approach my craft, I knew inside, from a physical standpoint, I wasn’t ready. I knew that.”

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