‘Increasing’ Tension Between Russell Wilson & Seahawks, Reveals Insider

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Getty Russell Wilson put the Seahawks on notice.

It is shaping up to be an interesting offseason for the Seattle Seahawks as Russell Wilson’s frustrations with the franchise appear to be boiling over. CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora reported, “Russell Wilson’s camp has grown increasingly frustrated” with the number of hits the quarterback has taken.

“I’m hearing Russell Wilson’s camp has grown increasingly frustrated by the Seahawks inability to protect the 8 time Pro Bowler,” La Canfora noted on Twitter. “He has been sacked 394 times in 9 seasons. This situation warrants serious monitoring.”

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Wilson on Seahawks’ Protection Issues: ‘That’s Got to be Fixed’

Just a day after La Canfora’s tweet, Wilson went public with this thought essentially saying the same thing himself during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show. Wilson took some of the blame for the sacks he has had but added that the protection has “got to be fixed.”

“Sometimes, you hold onto it a little bit just because you’re looking for that play and you find those guys,” Wilson explained. “But also, so many times those turn into touchdowns, too. You never want to be sacked that many times. 400 times basically is way too many, 400 too many. So, I think that’s a big thing that we got to fix, that’s got to be fixed and has to be, at the end of the day. Because my goal is to play another 10 to 15 more years. So, when you think about that, longevity and legacy and all that.”

Wilson Wants to be More Involved in the Seahawks’ Personnel Decisions

The lengthy interview is as honest as we have seen Wilson be about his frustrations with the Seahawks. Wilson has been increasingly vocal about a number of topics including the Seahawks offense and now pointing to what he believes is a lack of protection from his offensive line. Patrick asked Wilson if he is involved in the team’s roster decisions, and the quarterback admitted he would like more of a say.

“Not as much… Yeah, I think it helps to be involved more, but I think that dialogue should happen more often, in my opinion,” Wilson admitted.

Wilson’s Recent Comments Continue to Spark Trade Rumors

So, what do Wilson’s comments mean for his future with the Seahawks? Wilson is clearly putting the Seahawks on notice to both add better players around him, and tighten up the offensive line. The reality is the Seahawks spent the majority of last offseason signing offensive linemen and the unit showed improvement before the Rams had their way with the Seahawks in the trenches during their playoff loss.

While the Seahawks did improve the offensive line, an argument can be made that the front office chose quantity over quality as the team continued to go bargain hunting. NFL Network reported the Seahawks have received calls about Wilson’s availability but the franchise has no desire to trade the superstar. For now, Wilson’s comments simply mean the Seahawks’ offseason moves are going to be more scrutinized than ever.

“A couple of teams have called Seattle to inquire about Wilson’s availability, but there’s no chance the Seahawks are dealing their star QB,” NFL.com detailed.

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