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7 Best Smith Machines: Compare & Save

Instead of asking a spotter to lend a hand, you can use a self-spotting Smith machine to complete your favorite workouts. Besides providing safety notches for your weights, the best Smith machines balance the bar for you to keep the focus on your lifting movement.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive setup, check out these best power racks for your home gym.

smith machine home gym Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Counterbalanced for workouts
  • Holds up to 1,000 pounds
  • Smooth vertical carriage
Price: $3,258.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
smith machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Club-level quality
  • Standard size plates
  • Bushing glide system
Price: $696.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best smith machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes with several attachments
  • Designed for heavy use
  • Lifetime frame warranty
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smith machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Linear bearings
  • Rear plate holders
  • Solid value
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smith machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for all fitness levels
  • Solid steel knurl bar
  • Handles up to 1,000 pounds
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Body-Solid Pro Clubline Counter-Balanced Smith Machine (SCB1000)

    • Can be used for a wide range of exercises
    • Sturdy upholstery for added durability
    • Features heavy gauge stainless steel construction
    • Weight plates aren't included
    • Requires plenty of space
    • Requires one-inch posts for weights

    The Body-Solid SCB1000 is counterbalanced so that every user can begin with the appropriate amount of resistance for every workout. It’s also suitable for up to 1,000 pounds, so you can really load up and bulk up.

    A smooth vertical carriage allows you to work out without interruption and without compromising your form. Club-quality bearings ensure that you’ll perform without a hitch.

    You can complete your favorite exercises, from chest press to military press to shoulder shrugs, lunges, squats and more. Components such as heavy gauge stainless steel construction and sturdy upholstery make this Smith machine a good match for home or commercial use.

  2. 2. Body-Solid PowerLine Smith Machine

    • Dual-lock spotter catch system promotes safer solo workouts
    • Available pec and lat attachments
    • The 400-pound weight capacity is sufficient for most home workouts
    • Weights are sold separately
    • Paint chips fairly easily
    • Frame may need to be stabilized for heavier weight lifting

    If you’re looking for a Smith machine that’s built like your favorite club equipment, consider this PowerLine machine. The 400-pound weight capacity is plenty for most home workouts. The machine also works with standard size plates and features a bushing glide system so that you can work out without interruption.

    Pec and lat attachments increase the machine’s versatility. You can also add an adjustable bench to mix up your workouts even more. A dual-lock spotter catch system keeps you safe during solo lifting sessions.

  3. 3. MiM USA Hercules 1001

    • Can be used in professional or home gyms
    • Olympic size solid weight bar
    • Can be used for hundreds of movements
    • Some competitors have a higher weight capacity
    • Weights aren't included
    • Requires quite a bit of space

    Whether you’re purchasing equipment for a club or you’re looking for top-of-the-line equipment for your home gym, consider the Hercules 1001. This commercial Smith machine has a maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds and has all the attachments and extras you need for a rewarding full-body workout.

    From deep squats to deadlifts to various chest press exercises and more, this machine is fully equipped to give you the exercise you need. It even comes with a workout bench to help you hit all the major muscle groups.

    A full set of accessories is included, from a push bar to leg press and sit-up attachments, an arm workout tube, knurl bar, straight bar, crossover handles and more. This Smith machine is built to withstand even the heaviest, most intense use, and comes with a lifetime frame warranty.

  4. 4. Deltech Fitness DF4900

    • Comes with a pull-up bar
    • Compatible with lat and pec attachments
    • Weight capacity of 700 pounds
    • Not ideal for heavier weight lifting
    • Weights aren't included
    • Compatible attachments sold separately

    Most linear bearing machines will set you back more than this affordable Smith machine. Four linear bearings keep your workouts going as smoothly as possible, even with heavier weights. This Smith machine has a weight capacity of 700 pounds, which is plenty for most home workouts.

    Rear plate holders provide extra storage space for your weights and can help keep the structure stable with heavier weights. A pull-up bar is included, but you can also add lat and pec attachments.

    On its own, this machine supports basic exercises such as calf raises, shoulder shrugs, squats and chin-ups.

  5. 5. Valor Fitness BE-11

    • Counterbalance provides stability
    • Smooth vertical carriage
    • Holds Olympic weights
    • Not tall enough for standing shoulder presses
    • Assembly instructions aren't very detailed
    • Some struggle to get the spring pin in

    The BE-11 is designed to give you a full-body workout, even if you’re short on space. It also caters to any fitness level and can handle up to 1,000 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about outgrowing it as you build muscle. This machine will work for traditional and upright rows, shrugs, calf raises and other movements.

    A solid steel knurl bar is included for performing pull-ups and chin-ups. You can use your favorite Olympic weights, and even store them when you’re done, thanks to built-in storage posts.

    Not only is the bar attached to keep it from wobbling, you also won’t need a spotter to help with the weight. A counterbalance offsets the bar weight for your safety.

Can You Deadlift on a Smith Machine?

You can deadlift on a Smith machine with just a few simple steps.

The first is to add your desired amount of weight. Then, set the bar height to the appropriate position, which is often just under your hips. Lift the bar as you normally would, such as using a power rack or free weights.

Maybe you're new to weighlifting or you find yourself wondering what your true strength is on a Smith machine.

According to this Men's Journal article, if your one-rep maximum is 1.25 times your bodyweight, you fall into the average category. Anything less than your bodyweight is below average. The same source suggests a six-week workout plan to boost your weightlifting abilities if you so choose.

Which Smith Machine Is Best for Front Squats?

One big advantage of the Smith machine is that the bar is automatically balanced, so you don't have to worry about that extra step of holding bar steady. You'll also only be performing vertical movements, which can also help with stability.

According to this Men's Health article, one of the biggest advantages of a Smith machine is that it allows you to simply focus on lifting your desired amount of weight.

Can I Use a Smith Machine for Overhead Presses?

The Smith machine promotes vertical motion, making it a practical choice for the overhead press. To perform an overhead press on a Smith machine, simply set your desired amount of weight, then perform the movement as you would during a freeweight session at the gym.

As with any other type of weightlifting exercise performed on the Smith machine, you don't have to worry about having a spotter handy as there will be plenty of built-in notches to hold the weight when necessary.

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