Buccaneers QB Tom Brady ‘Most Hated’ NFL Player, Says Study

tom brady

Getty Tom Brady is the "most hated" player in the NFL, according to one study.

It appears that no matter where Tom Brady plays, he just can’t escape the hate.

According to a study by the betting platform BetOnline.ag, the legendary quarterback is considered the “most hated” player in the NFL in 36 of the 50 states. The study measures geotagged Twitter data tracking negative sentiment, according to BetOnline.ag.

Brady is the “most hated” player in the entirety of the west — even his home state of California.

Furthermore, a large chunk of the Midwest and South region also despises Brady.

Notable states and regions — including Florida and the New England region — do not consider Brady to be the most hated player in the NFL. Florida likely became favorable towards Brady over the past year upon his signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Prior to his arrival in Tampa, Brady had played 20 years with the New England Patriots, becoming a hated rival player of the Miami Dolphins. In fact, Brady’s Patriots won the AFC East division title 18 of the 20 years he was there.

He also notably led the Patriots to a 10-point comeback victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2017 AFC Championship Game.

Despite Brady’s departure and immediate success outside of the Patriots organization, the New England region — Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont — holds no ill will towards the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

In fact, despite Antonio Brown playing just one game with the Patriots during the 2019 season, the veteran wide receiver is the “most hated” player in the New England region. Following his release by the Patriots, Brown eventually latched on with the Buccaneers midway through the 2020 season.

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America Hates Brady Because He Wins

The reason Brady is still so hated around the country can be summed up in one word — winning.

Despite playing across three different decades and reaching 44 years old in August, Brady is still winning and defeating everyone’s favorite team around the country.

And there are no signs he’s slowing down. The 21-year NFL veteran has thrown for nine touchdowns in just two games this season and is coming off of a postseason in which he mowed through all-time greats in Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.

In fact, it’s not impossible to think Brady could become the oldest NFL MVP in history with the way he’s been playing since the end of last season. The three-time MVP is 9-0 since his last loss in late November to the Kansas City Chiefs.

He’s thrown for 31 touchdowns and five interceptions during this nine-game run. Over the first two games of the year, he’s already notched single-game performances of 379 passing yards in a win over the Dallas Cowboys and five touchdowns in a win over the Atlanta Falcons.

Brady reached the five-touchdown threshold in a single game just once last year and didn’t post a 379-yard passing performance until Week 15 of last season.

Despite having proven himself on a new team at an age where most quarterbacks are enjoying retirement, it’s still not enough to win over the NFL’s fanbase.

Isn’t America supposed to love winners?

Should Fans Be Rooting for Brady?

One of the more interesting arguments of the Brady vs. Belichick debate — or in better terms, Brady vs. the Patriots — is that fans maybe should be inclined to root for Brady rather than cheer against him.

After all, it was the Patriots who ultimately decided to allow Brady to walk despite being given every advantage and opportunity to re-sign their legendary quarterback.

The Patriots could be viewed as the “corporation,” while Brady could be viewed as the worker (or the common man). It was the Patriots who showed very little loyalty to Brady despite 20 years of service and multiple Super Bowl titles.

Following the breakup, Brady has managed to come out on top — while making the “corporation” look silly in their decision.

Despite establishing himself as the greatest winner in team sports, Brady won’t be able to win over most of America. No matter how many Super Bowls or records he breaks.

One could argue America just doesn’t like dominant winners in the 21st century.

Considering he’s aiming for his eighth Super Bowl title at age 44, it should just add more fuel to Brady’s fire.

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Bruce Nielsen
Bruce Nielsen
1 year ago

Maine is not two of the states in New England, it’s only one of them. The sixth state is Vermont.

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