Tom Brady Gets More Bulletin Board Material From Saints

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady got heated often during a 9-0 loss to New Orleans.

If Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers must face the New Orleans Saints again, the bulletin board material has only increased since a stunning 9-0 loss on Sunday.

Saints defensive back Chauncy Gardner-Johnson trolled Brady about throwing a tablet on the sideline during the Sunday, Dec. 19 defeat. Gardner-Johnson picked off Brady twice this season, too.

“Hey, @Microsoft @Surface, can y’all send me a new Surface Tablet? I need to give it to a friend who broke his,” Gardner-Johnson wrote. “Thank you and Merry Christmas.”

Brady talked about the tablet-tossing incident during his podcast, “Let’s Go!“, on Monday, Dec. 20.

“Yeah, I broke the tablet. I threw it. I didn’t want to throw an interception with that tablet, so I made sure it hit the ground,” Brady told host Jim Gray. “It was out of use. I know no chance of that one being used after I got a hold of that tablet.”

Microsoft Support apparently won’t give Brady a free pass based on the Twitter response to Gardner-Johnson’s humorous request.

“We’ve reviewed the tape, and while we don’t recommend throwing your @surface (even if your friend holds the NFL record for career completions), here are some tips for caring for your Surface,” the support team wrote, adding a link.

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Microsoft Surface tablets for business can easily cost more than $1,500 according to the Microsoft website. The NFL ones, which the league has used since 2014 via a partnership with Microsoft, are custom made by the tech company. Elements and tantrums were taken into account when Microsoft custom designed the tablet.

According to Geek Wire, “Panos Panay, a chief product officer at Microsoft, said in 2019 to not worry about the Surface Pro getting manhandled and that Microsoft quality tests for that exact scenario.”

Brady Tracks Saints’ Wins Against Him

Tablet or no tablet, Brady won’t forget the interception by Gardner-Johnson. Brady talked up his disdain over a pick-six from the Oct. 31 Saints game going into the Dec. 19 clash.

With the Saints’ playoff hopes hanging by a thread, the Bucs and Saints could meet again in January. Brady and the Bucs notably bounced the Saints from last season’s playoffs. Otherwise, Brady has an 0-4 mark against the Saints in regular season meetings as a Buccaneer.

“They’ve done well against me. They’ve done well against everybody,” Brady told Gray about the Saints defense. “They got a lot of great players. They’re really well-coached. They’re a terrific defense, and they play us really well.”

“They’re called the Saints, but I don’t think they’re very saintly,” Brady added, jokingly. “A saint probably would have let us score once or twice yesterday.”

Brady Explains Heated Moment With Saints Coach

Brady talked more about his sideline spat with a Saints assistant coach.

“We were very competitive in that moment. It was emotional. It’s just football players being football players,” Brady told Gray.

Brady previously downplayed it with the media after Sunday’s loss. Some media personalities such as Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio have proposed that Brady should get fined for the incident. USA Today’s Saints Wire likewise called out Brady for his actions.