Tom Brady Breaks Silence on Knee Surgery, Boat Parade on “Late Late Show”

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Getty Tom Brady is a big fan of the Bucs draft.

Tom Brady gave a quick update on his knee surgery in his first interview on Tuesday with late show host James Corden since lifting the Lombardi Trophy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — and then tossing it.

“We had some time where we spent some time with my wife and kids [after the Super Bowl], and then I actually had knee surgery, so I’m kind of rehabbing now, which is giving me something to do, although I much rather be kind of staying active like I normally do,” Brady told Corden on the “Late Late Show with James Corden.”

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Brady had knee surgery after the Super Bowl, which Bucs head coach Bruce Arians called “a cleanup” at first. More information came out following the news that Brady’s knee surgery may have been more significant than a cleanup. Brady’s recovery will take four months.

The Trophy Toss

Brady also talked with Corden about winning his seventh Super Bowl, the season, offseason activities, and the boat parade with the Lombardi Trophy toss.

“Ok, first of fall, I was not thinking at that moment. There was not a thought. It was, ‘this seems like really fun to do,'” Brady told Corden about tossing the trophy. “And then I found out later that if had … that been an incomplete pass, that would have went down like 80 feet. So, I am so happy to Cam [Brate].”

The Bucs tight end caught the trophy on the boat across from Brady’s. Amid the toss, Brady’s eight-year-old daughter, Vivian, cried “daddy, noooo.”

“And who could imagine that an eight-year-old girl could have the most sense of anybody in that whole area at the time,” Brady told Corden. “She’s the voice of reason.”

Brady shared that moment on his Twitter account.

After the Landing

Brady’s offseason now consists of helping around the home in addition to recovering from the knee surgery, he told Corden. Brady admitted that his wife, Gisele Bundchen,  wants him to pick up the slack at home in the offseason.

“I’m just getting reacquainted with the dishwasher, you know, where the broom is, (and) where the vacuum is,” Brady said, who credited his wife’s support during the season.

Brady described football season as “a treadmill” and “it’s going fast.”

“Every week, you work basically seven days a week for six or eight months and then all of a sudden, you’re on this treadmill that’s going fast and then, boom, you hit the stop button,” Brady said. “And it always feels like a crash landing.”

The First Year in Tampa

Brady said he faced many different questions going to Tampa after building a dynasty in New England — how to succeed versus “jumping ahead” to the Super Bowl.

“And the next thing you know, the season starts,” Brady said. “We started off not great. We improved a little bit to the middle of the year and we had a pretty rough patch in the month of November.”

Brady noted that things changed when the Bucs had a bye week “at the right time” and never lost again after an up-and-down 7-5 start. The Bucs won eight straight games on the way to winning Super Bowl LV.

“It was so much fun to see a team come together the way that it did,” Brady said.

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