UFC 102 Prediction: Jardine Vs. Silva


This fight should be a doozy. Both are very entertaining fighters that put on a show no matter the outcome.

Jardine has some very respectable wins on his record including a TKO over Forrest Griffin and a split decision over Chuck Liddell. But when he falls, he falls hard. Houston Alexander and Wanderlei Silva both put Jardine out not even a minute into the first round.

That brings us to Thiago Silva. He’s a straight up brawler: he’s fearless but needs to work on his strategy as well as his conditioning. Almost all of his fights end in the first round. We haven’t seen how he reacts when he’s exhausted.

This fight will most likely end in two ways: Silva may catch Jardine off guard early in round one with a TKO, but I think this matchup will go a little longer and Jardine’s unorthodox striking will prevail with a TKO in the second round.

Catch up with the 102 pre fight interviews:

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