THQ Reveals Undisputed 2010 Details


UFC Undisputed 2009 was a huge success, and the 2010 version looks to be no different.

A few Heavy staffers attended a party thrown by THQ in Las Vegas last week to showcase some of the new features that will be incorporated in the new game, set for release in May. The party was held at Mix Nightclub on top of THEHotel (a swank hotel attached to the Mandalay Bay), and let me tell you: video game people know how to throw parties. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say that it was a night to remember.

I was a huge fan of Undisputed 2009. I played it for months on end. But it wasn’t perfect, and from the brief look I got at some of the new features, I can see that THQ is addressing a lot of the concerns I had with the first iteration. No, I still won’t be able to realize my dream of a B.J. Penn vs. Brock Lesnar superfight (you still can’t match up different weight classes), but the actual fighting engine has been given a drastic overhaul and will be even more realistic this time around. There’s a new system in place for dodging attacks on the feet and a new posturing system to give more weight to ground attacks. We saw this system used heavily at the party in a virtual bout between Mike Swick and Paulo Thiago. THQ has also added the southpaw stance and three new martial art disciplines: sambo, karate and greco-roman wrestling.

One of the coolest features we heard about was the new online fight camps. You and your buddies can now form your own virtual American Top Team, where you train for upcoming fights together. It sounds like an awesome idea in practice and it’s an idea that will probably get a lot of play among online denizens.

THQ also officially announced that Brock Lesnar was the cover athlete for Undisputed 2010, which reported on Thursday.


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