UFC Undisputed 2010: In-Depth Preview

UFC Undisputed 2010 Picture

The UFC has done an excellent job marketing UFC Undisputed 2010. You see it advertised at all the most recent fights and Forrest Griffin made a special appearance on the most recent episode of TUF 11 and played it for a few hours with the guys. Even if you weren’t interested in the game but follow the sport, you’re probably at least slightly intrigued by now. So before you go trying to sink that rear naked choke or pass the guard to full mount, make sure you know the whole deal first in our in-depth UFC Undisputed 2010 preview.

The primary focus for the game is the combat improvements it has from the 2009 version of the game. Now, the player can have their character sway to avoid strikes, maneuver around positions against the cage and the new complexity of the jiu jitsu submission techniques. Developer Rob Pearsall says he enjoys the characters with big slams the most. But certain moves will only be available to certain – more advanced – fighters. Like the crucifix position (trapping one of your opponent’s arms with your legs and the other arm with one of your arms so you have a defense-free shot at their head) is only available to fighters like Matt Hughes or Cain Velasquez. Even the celebratory moves, like Anderson Silva’s stance or Brandon Vera’s weird pigeon-headed double salute thing will be included in the game.

Back in March, the UFC held a little release party for the game and Heavy.com was there. Mike Goldberg hosted the event, Brock Lesnar, Dana White and Stephan Bonner talked about the game. Check out the exclusive UFC 2010 Undisputed release party video.

If you buy the game, you’re obviously going to want to play online and prove your domination (or face the embarrassment of how much you suck). But in order to do so, users are going to need an activation code which only comes with new games. If you buy it used (or steal it from your buddy), you’re going to have to purchase a news code for 5 bucks.

In addition to that, UFC Undisputed 2010 will also include multiple changes and tons of improvements from the 2009 version, such as:


  • Improved controls
  • Redesign of clinch and ground grappling
  • Improved career mode
  • Fighter Personalities
  • Online Gameplay (participate in ranking and champion tracking systems)
    and more!

Changes to gameplay:

  • Usage of cage walls
  • TKO (cut and injury) finishes
  • New fighting styles: Karate, Greco-Roman wrestling and Sambo.
  • Added MMA brands for clothing and introduction of post-fight attire.
  • New arenas including GM Place, Centre Bell and The O2
  • Tournament Mode
  • Title and Title Defense Modes
    and more!

But the big pull for the game is the arsenal of UFC fighters that appear in the game.

Check out page two for the complete UFC Undisputed 2010 roster and release date.

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