UFC 184: Rousey vs Zingano Results & Highlights

UFC 184: Rousey vs. Zingano

(Getty) Ronda Rousey defeats Cat Zingano for the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship

For only the third time in UFC history, two undefeated fighters will take each other on for a UFC Championship. Ronda Rousey comes into this fight as the baddest woman on the planet and has stated that she sees herself “retiring undefeated”. Up to this point, nobody has gone the distance with her and her last fight lasted a mere 16 seconds. Cat Zingano has overcome injury and the death of her husband to fight her way back to another shot at Ronda (the last was cancelled due to surgery). In what could possibly be the biggest fight in Women’s MMA history will be determined tonight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

See the entire fight here (before it’s taken down, of course)

Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Cat Zingano

Round 1- Ronda comes out…and wow. This fight is over before it even starts. Ronda immediately comes out and takes down Cat, going initially for a choke. Cat gets out of the choke and gets put into a nasty armlock. It takes a total of 14 seconds to finish the #1 women’s bantamweight contender in the world. Absolutely unbelievable performance by Ronda and her legacy in the sport gets that much more scary.

Ronda Rousey def. Cat Zingano via submission (armbar) – Round 1, :14

Holly Holm UFC 184

(Getty) Holly Holm wins via split decision

Raquel Pennington vs. Holly Holm

Round 1- Raquel “Rocky” Pennington comes out looking super calm and takes control of the octagon immediately. Holm looks visibly nervous in her UFC debut but she is landing some good leg kicks and fights off some takedown attempts. The round stays standing for the remainder as Holm continues to try and find her range, landing some good front kicks and take octagon control for a small portion. Rocky probably did slightly more damage but it the round could be split.

Round 2- Holm comes out aggresive and lands some great kicks early. Raquel keeps her ground but doesn’t answer with much. Holm continues to throw punches and kicks at a rapid pace and keeps it going throughout the entire round. Her cardio and strength to fight off Pennington’s clench/takedowns is impressive. Holm clearly takes the round and lands some great punches late in the round.

Round 3- Pennington takes heed to her corner’s suggestions and comes out swinging. She lands a great right hook and very briefly sends Holm to the canvas and a absolutely vicious running punch square to Holm’s face. Holm lands an uppercut and some good Muay Thai knees of her own to keep the round close. Raquel lands in some strikes to try and win the round and possibly the fight. Holm has a stream of blood running from her nose walking back to her corner. This decision will be very close.

Holly Holm def. Raquel Pennington via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Jake Ellenberger UFC 184

(Getty) Jake Ellenberger wins via submission

Jake Ellenberger vs. Josh Koscheck

Round 1- Koscheck comes out with some great strikes and Ellenberger answers nicely. Josh lands a takedown about a minute in and grinds out some ground game but they return to standing. Ellenberger lands a heavy right that seems to stun Josh and Joe Rogan states that it appears Josh is holding back from his strikes. The round ends with Ellenberger putting his hands up in a taunting manner to Koscheck.

Round 2- Ellenberger keeps the pressure on Koscheck is still clearly favoring his left eye, constantly wiping it and blinking, trying to possibly bringing some vision back. Ellenberger lands a takedown onto Josh and gets in a nasty north-south choke that gets in very deep to Josh’s neck. Josh is then forced to tap or lose conscience.

Jake Ellenberger def. Josh Koscheck via submission (north-south choke) – Round 2, 4:20

Alan Jouban

(Getty) Alan Jouban wins via TKO

Alan Jouban vs. Richard Walsh

Jouban comes out with some absolutely deadly body kicks and doesn’t let up. Walsh is pushed up against the cage and really can never find his spots to answer with any significant damage. Jouban Lands some great punches while Walsh is up against the fence and a TKO is called before he can even fall because he is clearly just out on his feet. A quick !st round TKO win for Jouban who was heavily favored.

Alan Jouban def. Richard Walsh KO (strikes) – Round 1, 2:19

Tony Ferguson UFC 184

(Getty) Tony Ferguson wins via submission

Tony Ferguson vs. Gleison Tibau

Both fighters come out swinging and stay standing. Ferguson lands a heavy right hand to Tibau’s head and he starts stumbling. Ferguson attempts a bulldog choke but Tibau gets out of it. Ferguson then transitions to Tibau’s back and Tibau is visibly struggling to hold on. Ferguson locks in a rear-naked and within seconds Tibau taps. An impressive win for a former TUF champion.

Tony Ferguson def. Gleison Tibau via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 2:37

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