UFC Fighter Unhappy About Winning: ‘This Is Number 1 Bulls***!’

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A UFC fighter was so unhappy about the cageside judges awarding him a split-decision victory on Saturday night that he used his post-fight interview time with ESPN’s Daniel Cormier to declare the decision “number one bulls***”.

Rising lightweight contender Guram Kutateladze won his fight against Ateusz Gamrot on Saturday night during the featured prelim bout of the latest UFC Fight Night card in Abu Dhabi, but the 28-year-old Russian wasn’t happy with how the judges scored the fight.

“Brother, DC, first of all, I love you,” Kutateladze said.

Then, the “Georgian Viking” admitted what he had just told his opponent after the fight was over and that he was standing by that analysis.

“Second of all, it’s not my fight. This is number one bulls***,” Kutateladze said. “I’m an honest man, you know? Me and this guy worked hard. But…it wasn’t my fight.”

 Kutateladze to Opponent: ‘It Was Your Fight’

Judges scored the bout 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 for Kutateladze, but the winner refused to accept the victory.

“The guy did how many takedowns? I’m sorry to say that, brother,” Kutateladze said. “But it wasn’t my fight. I don’t how the judges scored it. I’m not happy because this is not what I was waiting for.”

Then, Kutateladze reaffirmed to his opponent that he thought Gamrot deserved the nod.

“But, hey, Gamrot, brother, you are a warrior,” Kutateladze said while pointing to the man he thought won the fight. “Thank you so much, brother. I told you, it was your fight. It was your fight.”

Watch Kutateladze’s Stunning Post-Fight Admission

It was one of the most stunning expressions of post-fight honesty ever witnessed inside the UFC’s Octagon, and Kutateladze’s humility and respect likely won him a ton of new fans.

You can watch the incredible post-fight interview below courtesy of ESPN.

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Kutateladze vs. Gamrot

Regardless, the fight was close and competitive and probably could have legitimately been scored either way.

Gamrot took Kutateladze down to the mat during the opening minute of the fight, but Kutateladze threatened with submissions until the two got back to their feet. The fighters competed at a fast pace for the rest of the round with Kutateladze landing several hard kicks on Gamrot.

The second round was also close. Kutateladze was effective on his feet while Gamrot’s grappling game put him in good spots, too.

ESPN’s Ariel Helwani sure seemed to enjoy the action. Helwani posted midfight, “This is fun, high-level stuff. Great fight.”

In the final round, Gamrot seemed to get the better of things but it was a little too late in the judges’ eyes.

Kutateladze came away with the victory via split decision.

In the aftermath, Helwani posted that he thought Gamrot deserved the win. Helwani posted, “Kutateladze wins via SD. Close fight. I thought Gamrot won 29-28.”

Kutateladze seems to have thought the same, too.

But, in the end, all that matters is what the judges said. Kutateladze won the fight via split decision and Gamrot suffered his first loss as a professional.

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