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‘Euphoria’ Live Stream: How to Watch Season 1 Episode 6 Online Tonight for Free


Tonight is the premiere of the sixth episode of the hit HBO series Euphoria. Created by Sam Levinson and executive produced by Drake, this series has already been renewed for a second season and is keeping fans hooked with a layered plot some surprising twists and turns. The sixth episode of Euphoria airs tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern (9 p.m Central), Sunday, July 21, 2019. You’ll want to watch live so you’re not spoiled on anything.

If you don’t have cable, you can watch a live stream of HBO on your computer, phone, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or another streaming device via one of the following live-TV streaming services. Many of them have free trials, which we’ll list below, that will let you watch for free:

Amazon Prime’s HBO Channel

If you have Amazon Prime or want to start a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, you can watch live and on-demand HBO content here on the HBO Amazon Channel, which also comes with a free 7-day trial.

Once you’re signed up for both Amazon Prime and the HBO channel, you can then watch the show either live as it airs or on-demand anytime after. With either option, you can watch on your computer via the Amazon website, or on your phone (Android and iPhone compatible), tablet, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or another streaming device via the Amazon Video app.


Whether you already have Hulu or you want to sign up for a new subscription, HBO is available as an add-on to either Hulu or Hulu with Live TV.

Once signed up, you can watch the show live as it airs, or you can watch it on-demand anytime after. With either option, you can watch on your computer via the Hulu website, or on your phone (Android and iPhone supported), tablet, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (on-demand only), Nintendo Switch, Echo Show or other streaming device via the Hulu app.

PlayStation Vue

Whether you already have PlayStation Vue or you want to start a free 5-day trial of PlayStation Vue, you can watch live and on-demand HBO content through the HBO add-on, which comes with a free 7-day trial.

Once signed up, you can watch the show either live as it airs or on-demand anytime after. With either option, you can watch your computer via the PS Vue website, or on your phone (Android and iPhone supported), tablet, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation (3 or 4), or other supported device via the PS Vue app.

Additional Options

HBO Now is HBO’s standalone streaming service and provides all of HBO’s programming via the internet. The service costs $14.99 per month — but it offers a seven-day free trial. You must cancel before the end of the trial to avoid charges. To use the service, download the HBO Now App on your phone or tablet. It’s available in the App StoreGoogle Play store and Amazon Appstore, and more.

If you have a cable subscription that includes HBO, you can stream via HBO GO. That service is free to use for anyone with a satellite or cable package that includes HBO. However, check the service first because not all cable companies have agreements in place to work with HBO Go.

‘Euphoria’ Preview

Euphoria‘s description for episode 6 reads: “On Halloween, Rue worries about her reliance on Jules, while Jules starts exhibiting concerning behavior. McKay questions his future in football. After a weird night with McKay, Cassie spends some time with Daniel. Business is booming for Kat as she continues to push Ethan away. Nate comes up with a plan to get his life back on track.”

The episode is called “The Next Episode.”  Most of the show’s episode titles refer to a song title and tonight’s is no exception. The title refers to Dr. Dre’s song, “The Next Episode,” which was released on July 4, 2000.

Here’s a refresher on what happened last week.

The episode was focused on Maddy’s background and it was directed by Jennifer Morrison. Maddy was originally in pageantry but her parents pulled her out after a scare with a child molester (Maddy wasn’t involved in that scare at all.) That’s when Maddy realized that she enjoyed doing nothing and liked the idea of having a rich guy pay for her to do nothing. This is part of what initially drew her to Nate, who treated her well at first and bought her expensive gifts. After Nate choked her and left her with bruises, Maddy knew that she still couldn’t let him go.

Rue and Jules grew closer, with Rue getting “Rules” tattooed on her lip. But Jules seemed decidedly uncomfortable with how reliant Rue became on her, especially when people like her dad said that Jules was a good influence on Rue.

The principal discovered Maddy’s bruises and after interviewing a lot of students, realized that Nate was the cause of them. Maddy didn’t want to admit it was Nate, but her mom insisted on pressing charges. Maddy and Nate told each other they loved one another, and then later Nate tells the police that Maddy took a lot of drugs and they had an unhealthy relationship but he “loves her no matter what.”

Throughout the episode, Maddy is defending Nate like mad and even sent him 273 texts that he didn’t answer. We learn that Maddy’s parents have a distant relationship and that’s why Maddy sees Nate’s attention as some form of love.

Cal has another hotel scene where he confessed that living two separate lives isn’t working and his sons have a lot of rage and anger. It scares him because “it’s too late.”

Maddy secretly meets up with Nate at the end of the episode, and Jules looks VERY uncomfortable with Rue. I don’t think their relationship is going to last much longer.

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