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Phineas and Ferb is an animated TV series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It officially premiered on the Disney Channel on February 2008 and ran for four seasons, 222 episodes, through June 2015. Created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, the voice cast included Vincent Martella (Phineas), Thomas Sangster (Ferb) and Ashley Tisdale (Candace) as the lead characters in the series. The show was a hit with critics and audiences alike while it ran on the Disney Channel, and it continues to delight audiences both young and old with its wacky brand of humor and well-developed characters. You can watch Phineas and Ferb online and Phineas and Ferb streaming here.

Here’s how to watch Phineas and Ferb streaming online:

How to Stream ‘Phineas and Ferb’ – Exclusively on Disney+

Phineas and Ferb is one of the best animated Disney shows that will be streaming exclusively on Disney’s new subscription streaming service, Disney+.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Disney+ HERE, which will allow you to stream Phineas and Ferb and hundreds of other movies and shows on your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV or streaming device. If you extend past the free trial, the service costs $6.99/month. You may also opt for this discount bundle of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99/month.

  1. 1. Sign up for Disney+ here
  2. 2. Go to or download the Disney+ app on your device
  3. 3. Log in using your information
  4. 4. Search for “Phineas”
  5. 5. Tap on Phineas and Ferb
  6. 6. Tap the Play Button
  7. 7. Enjoy!

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‘Phineas and Ferb’: Overview

When Was It On TV: August 2007 to June 2015
Creators: Dan Povenmire, Jeff “Swampy” Marsh
Vincent Martella, Thomas Sangster, Ashley Tisdale, Dee Bradley Baker
Step brothers and their pet platypus try to occupy their time during summer vacation as their sister tries to create trouble for them.

Phineas and Ferb Plot

Stepbrothers Phineas Flynn (Vincent Martella) and Ferb Fletcher (Thomas Sangster) live in Danville, a fictional city located in an unspecified tri-state area. To occupy their time during their summer vacation, they dream up large and complicated, dangerous construction projects. Candace Flynn (Ashley Tisdale), Phineas’s older sister, wants only to “bust” Phineas and Ferb and ruin their plans, and attract the attention of Jeremy Johnson (Mitchel Musso). The boys have a pet platypus, Perry, who is a secret agent for an all-animal government organization called the O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym), that fights Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Dan Povenmire).

How Many Seasons of ‘Phineas and Ferb’ Are There?

There are four seasons of Phineas and Ferb.

The step-brothers get into some outlandish projects that get bigger and bigger by the fourth season finale including zombies, turning Candace into a fly, an international platypus assassination plot and more. All seasons have surprising guest star appearances where they play everything from a hot dog vendor (Stan Lee) to themselves (Evander Holyfield).

Here’s an overview of Phineas and Ferb seasons:

Phineas and Ferb Season 1

47 Episodes | August 2007 – February 2009

Season 1 introduces the main characters and outlines exactly the type of trouble the protagonist and his step-brother are interested in getting into. It introduces Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry the Platypus and the group’s parents. It also features guest stars ranging from Evander Holyfield to Allison Janney and Geraldo Rivera.

Phineas and Ferb Season 2

65 Episodes | February 2009 – February 2011

Season 2 sees bigger projects from the boys and a renewed resilience from Candace to stop them, going so far as to travel back in time to catch them in one of their projects. It sees an increase in the action of Dr. Heinz Doofenschmitz, a bumbling evildoer who’s set on controlling the tri-state. It also features guest stars, John Larroquette, Sheena Easton, and Jennifer Gray.

Phineas and Ferb Season 3

62 Episodes | March 2011 – November 2012

In the third season, the boys are on summer vacation, trying to make every day the best day ever. The characters include Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, secret agent Perry the Platypus (who’s also the pet of Phineas and Ferb), the evil scientist Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, and the brothers’ older sister Candace Flynn. Midway through this season, the TV movie Across the Second Dimension had aired on August 5, 2011. Recurring characters include across-the-street neighbor Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, the boys’ mother and father Linda Flynn-Fletcher and Lawrence Fletcher, Major Monogram, Carl the Intern, Jeremy Johnson, Baljeet and more.

Phineas and Ferb Season 4

48 Episodes | December 2012 – June 2015

The fourth and final season includes turning Candace into a fly, Perry has to escape an Australian platypus trying to destroy him and zombies invade Danville. The season includes guest stars, Amanda Plummer, Kelly Osborne, Stan Lee and more.

The Best Phineas and Ferb Episodes

Phineas and Ferb episodes not to miss included notable guest stars and well-received soundtracks. A few standout episodes were “Raging Bully,” “Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation” and the cross-over episode with Marvel, “Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel.”

Here’s a list of the best Phineas and Ferb episodes:

Season 1, Episode 6: “Raging Bully”

Phineas is challenged to a thumb wrestling competition at the mall after he embarrasses the local bully. He receives thumb wrestling training from Evander Holyfield.

Season 2, Episode 37: “Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation”

“Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation” was a Christmas-themed special in which Heinz Doofenschmitz tries to ruin the holiday. The special included several guest stars, and music by the swing band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. It was released throughout the world.

Season 4, Episode 22: “Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel”

“Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel” was a cross-over episode featuring characters from Marvel Entertainment. The episode included numerous guest stars that played the Marvel characters. The episode had 3.8 million viewers, the highest number of viewers in six months.

‘Phineas and Ferb’ Cast

The voice cast of Phineas and Ferb was made up of some of Disney’s most loved child actors and versatile voice actors. Here’s some background on who the main characters were, as well as additional background on some recurring characters.


Phineas Flynn is from a blended family, and he and his step brother, Ferb (Thomas Sangster), try to find a new adventure for every day of the summer vacation. Martella went on to play various voice roles in Milo Murphy’s Law (2015).


Ferb is Phineas’ step-brother who helps work out their large scale construction projects and is, as Phineas puts it, a “man of few words.” Since Phineas and Ferb, Sangster went on to play a role in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015).


Phineas’ sister, and Ferb’s step-sister, she expresses her disapproval for her brother’s elaborate projects by “busting” them and telling their mom. She has a crush on Jeremy Johnson (TK) but is unaware that he likes her back. Since Phineas and Ferb, Tisdale went on to play a role in the TV mini-series, Clipped (2015).


Perry is the boys’ pet platypus who is silently battling his nemesis, Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz (TK). He doesn’t have a speaking role, other than to occasionally rattle his bill. Since providing the vocal effects for Perry, Baker went on to play various roles in The Family Guy (2011-2019).


Dr. Doofenschmirtz is the incompetent evildoer who is attempting to take over the tri-state area. He is the father of Vanessa Doofenschmirtz (TK) and is frequently waylaid in his evildoing by Perry the Platypus. Since playing the voice role of Doofenschmirtz, Povenmire went on to work in the art department of Milo Murphy’s Law (2016).


Phineas and Ferb’s friend and neighbor who has a compulsive need to get good grades and frequently helps the boys out with their projects. He moved to Danville from India. Since playing the role of Baljeet, Pancholy went on to play additional voices in Milo Murphy’s Law (2017-2018).


Major Monogram’s young, unpaid intern who videotapes interviews between Monogram and Perry the Platypus. He has no sense of smell and frequently forgets to focus the camera. Since his part as Carl the Intern, Mann went on to play numerous voices in Milo Murphy’s Law (2017-2019).


The scatterbrained father of Ferb and step-father of Phineas and Candace, he doesn’t really have a clue what the boys are up to, but generally plays along and tells everyone else to do the same. Since playing the voice role of Fletcher, O’Brien has gone on to play the Narrator in Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Linda Flynn-Fletcher is the mother of Phineas and Candace, and Ferb’s stepmother. She’s unaware of the boys’ projects and doesn’t quite believe Candace when she tells her what they’re up to. Since playing the role of Linda Flynn-Fletcher, Rhea has gone on to appear in several TV series and played Judy Reynolds in Sydney to the Max (2019-2020).

Other characters in the series include “The Fireside Girls,” who are a group of scouts who help Phineas and Ferb with their projects and are played by Ariel Winter, Cynphonique Miller, Diamond White, Dana Davis, Isabella Acres, Soleil McGhee, Isabella Murad, Dannah Furman, Madison Pettis, Tiffany Espensen, Michaela Zee and Ming Na.

Who Are the Top Guest Stars on Phineas and Ferb?

There was no shortage of guest stars in Phineas and Ferb. The popular series included appearances of the voices of Billy Rae Cyrus to Evander Holyfield and many in between.

Here’s a list of the most important Phineas and Ferb guest stars:

Evander Holyfield as Himself

In season 1, episode 6, Evander Holyfield appeared as himself in “Raging Bully”, coaching Phineas on thumb wrestling techniques in advance of a challenge from the local bully.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy as Themselves

In season 2, episode 37, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy appeared as themselves in “Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation”. The Christmas special takes place in Danville and Dr. Doofenschmirtz threatens to ruin the holiday but is foiled and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy performs one of seven soundtrack songs.

Jeff Foxworthy as Southern Meap

In season 6, episode 41, Jeff Foxworthy appears in “Meapless in Seatlle” as Southern Meap, an intergalactic security agent. In this episode, Meap (Foxworthy) returns to save the boys from his nemesis, Mitch.

Stan Lee as New York City Hot Dog Vendor

Stan Lee appeared in season 4, episode 22, “Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel.” This was a cross-over episode that includes several Marvel characters facing off in New York City, where Lee plays a hot dog vendor.

Who Are the Writers & Creators Behind Phineas and Ferb?

The series’ main characters live in a blended family, a premise the creators considered underused in children’s programming and which reflected Marsh’s own upbringing. The choice of a platypus as the boys’ pet was based on its physical appearance. Marsh says the characters are cool without being mean. Animation director Rob Hughes is said to have agreed.

Here’s a list of the major creative forces behind Phineas and Ferb:

Dan Povenmire: Phineas and Ferb Writer

He is known for his work on Phineas and Ferb (2007), Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension (2011) and Milo Murphy’s Law (2016). It took 16 years of pitching the show before Disney agreed to air it.

Jeff “Swampy” Marsh: Phineas and Ferb Showrunner

He is a writer and actor, known for Phineas and Ferb (2007), Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension (2011) and Milo Murphy’s Law (2016). He moved from England to California for the making of Phineas and Ferb.

Robert F. Hughes: Phineas and Ferb Producer

He is known for his work on Phineas and Ferb (2007), The Angry Beavers (1997) and The Fantastic Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor (1996). He helped developed the much-loved characters in Phineas and Ferb.

‘Phineas and Ferb’ Reviews – What the Critics Said

The consensus among critics was that Phineas and Ferb was surprisingly thoughtful, the plot of the series and for each episode was well-developed and the characters were relatable and realistic in their behavior and their roles.

Where Phineas and Ferb Ranks in the Television Pantheon

Phineas and Ferb is considered to be one of the best TV series ever made. It consistently ranks as one of the Best Cartoons of All Time as well as one of the Funniest TV Shows of all Time. It was compared to Mary Poppins for its thoughtful character depictions. It won Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards in the U.S. and Kids Choice Awards around the world.

‘Phineas and Ferb’ Trailer

Phineas and Ferb Trailerwatch it in 20082007-11-19T05:12:40Z

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‘Phineas and Ferb’ Theme Song

Phineas and Ferb theme song was called “Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day” by Bowling for Soup.

Theme Song 🎶 | Phineas and Ferb | Disney XDThere's a 104 days in summer vacation and school comes along just to end it! 🎶 Watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney XD! Catch all of Phineas and Ferb's Greatest Musical hits! Phineas and Ferb invent, scheme, and stay one step ahead of their sister Candace who just wants to catch them up to no good! Their pet platypus Perry lives a double life as a secret agent whose sole mission is to foil Dr. Doofenshmirtz's plans. #phineasandferb #disneyxd2019-01-01T18:00:04Z

‘Phineas and Ferb’ Trivia: 5 Fast Facts

1. He’s Not All Talk

Ferb rarely talks. In fact, there are many episodes in which he has no lines at all. According to Phineas, “Ferb’s more of a man of action”. And although Ferb rarely speaks, he has been shown to have a great singing voice.

2. Based On The Truth

Jaret Reddick, lead singer of the band Bowling for Soup, which performs the theme song for Phineas and Ferb, is the voice of Danny, lead singer of the fictitious band, Love Händle, in the series.

3. Living Up To His Name

It is hinted in the series that Dr. Doofenshmirtz could be German, the word “Doof” in his name is German for stupid or idiot.

4. Which One Is Bigger?

Ferb’s large eye changes depending on what direction he’s facing. The large one is always the one furthest away from the screen.

5. Location, Location

The show takes place in Danville, which is in Jefferson County, which is in the tri-state area. Danville is named after Dan Povenmire, and Jefferson County is named after Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh.

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