How to Watch AT&T TV On PC and Mac

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Who wouldn’t love the convenience of live television and on-demand programming on their PC or Mac? We spend so much time at the computer these days, why not integrate every form of entertainment into one box? It can provide a nice distraction and a way to unwind when the day’s work is all completed.

One moment you can be gaming in distant worlds or writing a dissertation on clean energy, and the next, launching past episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm or Family Guy to binge out on. With AT&T TV on PC and Mac, you’ll have an entertainment center right at your fingertips – and all it takes is a web browser, access to the Internet, and a simple sign-up.

With AT&T TV, viewers are granted access to programming from all ends of the spectrum. Dive into your favorite reality shows or get lost in the distant lands explored in informative documentaries. The service’s live TV keeps you up to date on the latest releases, providing you with 24-hours of non-stop entertainment. Never miss a moment when you boot up the AT&T website on your PC or Mac. 

With every AT&T TV subscription, users can scroll through an expansive library of entertainment. More than a thousand different series, documentaries, and movies await in the ever-growing list of on-demand media. You’ll never have a dull moment as you can revisit your favorite shows from the past or explore new series from popular networks. There’s no rush to binge entire seasons, either, as on-demand lets you watch at your pace. 

AT&T TV features several tiers of entertainment, from the basic Entertainment package to the robust Ultimate. Unlock access to networks like Food Network, TLC, HGTV, Discovery, Nickelodeon, and so much more with every package. Tack on premiums like HBO, Showtime, STARZ, and Epix to enjoy countless hours of exclusive TV shows and movies.

AT&T TV also lets you keep up on sports with ESPN HD and ESPN 2 HD. Users can also subscribe to a variety of sports channels to keep up with the seasons of their favorite teams. Tune in to local broadcasting to see even more about local sporting events and up-to-date news. With AT&T TV, you can keep an eye on community updates and be in touch with what’s happening around you.

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How to Stream AT&T TV on PC and Mac

Whether you’re on a laptop, desktop PC, iMac, or Macbook Pro, you can access your AT&T TV subscription directly through the AT&T website. To start enjoying your favorite programming, follow these quick steps:

  1. Turn on your PC or Mac
  2. Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)
  3. Sign up for AT&T TV at
  4. Go to “
  5. Log in with your credentials
  6. Choose a channel to watch and click on it
  7. Enjoy!

Stream AT&T TV Now

How Much Does AT&T TV Cost?

There are many different AT&T TV packages available right now. When registering for your ATT&T TV account, simply choose the best package to match your viewing preferences. From the simplified Entertainment package to the loaded Premier, you can select the lineup that includes your favorite networks. Here are your options:

  • Entertainment | 65+ Channels | $69.99/mo: ESPN, TNT, Nick, HGTV, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, and more
  • Choice | 90+ Channels | $84.99/mo: Entertainment Channels + NBA TV, MLB Network, POP, Fuse, Cooking Channel, +1 year of HBO Max and NBA League Pass ’20-’21 Season
  • Ultimate | 130+ Channels | $94.99/mo: Choice Channels + STARZ bundle, FX Movie Channel, Golf Channel, NHL Network, + 1 year of HBO Max
  • Premier | 140+ Channels | $139.99/mo: Ultimate Channels + HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Hallmark Movies, + HBO Max included.

Is There An AT&T TV Free Trial?

No, there isn’t an AT&T TV “free trial,” per se, but you are able to cancel AT&T TV within 14 days for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

What Other Devices Can I Watch AT&T TV On?

You can stream AT&T TV on many different devices, including your laptop, iPad, Fire Stick, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Will AT&T TV Get NFL Sunday Ticket?

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NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket is available as an add-on for AT&T TV. As it stands right now, AT&T TV doesn’t offer NFL Sunday Ticket as part of any of the packages.

Stream AT&T TV Now

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