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50 Best Movies to Watch on Disney Plus (Updated!)

They’re the films that delight us when we’re children, inspire us as adults, and if just for a few moments, make us believe that magic really exists. Disney’s collection of animated and live-action feature films has given us a lifetime of cinematic memories.

And now, some of their best movies are available to watch on Disney Plus.

Whether you grew up marveling over classics like Fantasia or singing along to the soundtrack of The Lion King, Walt Disney has likely touched your life in some way.

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To break down Disney’s expansive filmography isn’t an easy undertaking, but it’s worth doing to help those navigate the hundreds of titles bearing the studio’s name (many of which are coming to Disney Plus today).

The following 50 movies are among Disney’s best work, pulled from more than seven decades of filmmaking. To simplify an already complicated list, we’re not pulling movies from studios Disney has acquired, so apologies ahead of time Marvel and Star Wars fans!

These are the 50 best movies to watch on Disney Plus right now:

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