• Joe Bryan Now: Where Is the Clifton, Texas Man Today in 2021?

    Joe Bryan of Clifton, Texas is free today after he was granted parole following years behind bars after he was convicted in the 1985 murder of his wife, Mickey Bryan. He is now 81 years old.

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    Anna Delvey was a fake German heiress created by Anna Sorokin on Instagram, who pretended to be a socialite. Sorokin was convicted and spent time behind bars.

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    Bill McLaughlin was a millionaire who was murdered in his Newport Beach home, and prosecutors contend he was killed for his money. His girlfriend, Nanette Packard, and her boyfriend, former NFL player Eric Naposki, were convicted in his death.

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    Gypsy Willis was the mistress of Dr. Martin MacNeill, and the two were married on the day of his wife's funeral. A jury convicted him of murder in the death of his wife, Michele MacNeill.

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    Rebecca Schaeffer's death at the hands of a fan who stalked left a legacy through a monumental change in law. Her murder prompted legislation that made stalking a crime.

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    Rhoni Reuter was was pregnant with the child of Shaun Gayle at the time of her death. Marni Yang was convicted of murder. Reuter died with her unborn baby.