Action Videos

  • Bruce Lee Gets an Autotuned Face Kicking Tribute

    Bruce Lee gives us some musical wisdom on the flow of water. He also kicks a lot of dudes in the face in the process.

  • Tightrope Walking Between Speeding Trucks is 100% Badass

  • The Evolution of WWE’s Summerslam: 25 Years of Pain Revisited

  • Race Car Plummets off Cliff at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

  • Insane Big-Breasted Russian Girl Risks Her Life on a Ledge

  • Playing Tennis With Balls of Fire

    Tired of the standard tennis game? The Slow Mo Guys have a solution, set those balls on fire with a little gasoline.

  • Crazy Man Jumps Out of Helicopter to Wrestle a Marlin

  • Grenade Fishing Goes Terribly Wrong in Insane Russian Video

  • Great White Shark; Slow Motion Death Machine

  • SeaWorld Killer Whale Attack on Trainer: Shocking Video Released

  • The Awesome ’80s OCD Ritual of Australia’s Hottest 100-Meter Hurdler

    Michelle Jenneke has a strange and flirty pre-race routine that, when paired with cheesy '80s music, strokes a pleasure zone in my brain that I never knew I had.

  • Shark Attacks Fish on Fishing Pole in Insane Video

  • How to Make a Fire Tornado

  • Crazy S**t in China: Unseen Force Turns Guardrail into Dominoes

  • This Guy Moonwalks Way Better Than Michael Jackson

  • ‘Black Widow’ Sonya Thomas Eats 45 Hotdogs in 10 Minutes in New World Record

  • Watch 135 Crazy Russians Jump Off Bridge Simultaneously

  • Want to orbit the earth at 17,000 mph? Here’s the next-best thing

  • Google Demos Project Glass in Skydiving Video

  • Insane video of stunt plane crash into lake in Poland

    This shocking video shows a stunt plane crashing into a lake at a Poland air show.

  • Mad Science: White Powder Burns into Satanic Alien

  • Watch stuff blow up: 8 killer combat explosions in HD

  • 100 Sharks Rip Whale to Shreds as Australian Surfers Hang Loose in Waves

  • Kate Upton Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Do the Cat Daddy

  • Turkey Man Thrown from Car in Nasty High-Speed Crash, Shrugs It Off, Walks Away

    This Turkey tough guy survives being thrown from his car in a nasty high-speed wreck and then dusts himself off and walks away.

  • Russian Idiot Daredevils Do Chin-ups from Insanely High Radio Tower

  • Blow Job

  • Hellcat Tank Destroyer

  • The World’s Tiniest Police Chase

  • It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, No, it’s a Dead Cat Helicopter

    Your great-aunt Edna with her four taxidermied cats is going to seem way less weird after you get a look at the guy who turned his deceased kitty into a helicopter.