Best Of Netflix

  • Best Of Netflix: Rock N’ Roll Creations

    Put on Netflix Instant, 'cause it's time to rock! Here are a few cinematic ditties that will really show off your sound system (and test your neighbors' patience).

  • Best Of Netflix: The Terror Inside

  • Best Of Netflix: The Madness of Charlie Sheen

  • Best Of Netflix: Confidence Games

  • Best Of Netflix: The Wonderful Worlds of Jim Henson

  • Best Of Netflix: Heists Gone Wrong

    Nothing can show how things can go completely, totally and utterly wrong like a heist movie. Here are a few attempted robberies that didn't go so well, now available for immediate stealing -- err, streaming on Netflix Instant.

  • Best Of Netflix: Comedy Kills

  • Best Of Netflix: The Plight of the President

  • Best Of Netflix: Vengeance Is Sweet

  • Best Of Netflix: Girls Who Can Kick Your Ass

  • Best Of Netflix: Hell In Suburbia

    Suburbia: heaven or hell? We prefer the latter, because what fun is it, otherwise? Here are a few movies that paint a dark portrait of suburban America, featuring Tom Hanks battling devil worshippers, Natalie Portman crying a lot, Jake Gyllenhaal bending space-time and a bunch of high school kids trying desperately to not fall asleep.

  • Best Of Netflix: Twist Endings

  • Best of Netflix: Zombie Flicks

  • Best of Netflix: Holiday Movies

  • Best of Netflix: Top Sequels

  • Best of Netflix: Season 1 Television

  • Best of Netflix: Ninjas!

  • Best of Netflix: Alien Invasions

  • Best of Netflix: Thug Life