• I Got Schooled at the Octane Academy

    Heavy attended the Octane Academy Invitational and got to ride along with and learn from some of the best drivers in the business: Vaughn Gittin Jr., Ken Block, Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan.

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  • Depth of Speed: JDM Legends Restored

  • Faceplants, Flips and Freakouts

  • Depth of Speed: A Pinch of Salt

    Land speed racing has gone hand in hand with Bonneville as many travel to Utah in hopes of setting the next great record. But beyond the competition has been a strong degree of camaraderie where the ultimate goal lies beyond the record books.

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  • Depth of Speed: British Mania

  • The Car Show: Kill the Lemon

    The race is on as Adam, John, Matt and Dan race in the “24 Hours of Lemons”, a highly competitive endurance racing series where cars cannot be worth more than $500 and cheating is encouraged.

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  • Speed Racer: The Secret Engine, Part 2

  • Speed Racer: The Secret Engine, Part 1

  • Speed Racer: Challenge of the Masked Racer, Part 2

  • Speed Racer: Challenge of the Masked Racer, Part 1

    There's excitement in the air over the big Trans Country Race. But when word gets around that the mysterious, unbeatable Masked Racer is competing, everyone knows there will be trouble.

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  • Speed Racer: The Great Plan, Part 2

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  • Rolls-Royce Ghost Photo Gallery

    Paris Hilton picked up a new 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost in West Hollywood for a measly $300,000. Check out what car that kind of money can buy.

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    In honor of 'Death Race 2', we've lined up 20 hotties with American muscle. Because, nothing seems to go together better than a hot girl on a hot car.