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  • You Sank My Battleship

    Okay, real talk: the Clue movie was pretty great. Multiple endings, Tim Curry, murder - a pretty good flick. But that doesn't mean we need to see more movies based on board games. Ever. I mean, how hard is it to think of an idea for a story? Here's one:...

  • Barbarella Beatdown

  • Yellow Submarine Dives Into The Uncanny Valley

  • Full Release: Movies

  • Full Release: Movies

  • Bigscreen Battlestar Gallatica

    Can you squeeze blood from a Cylon? Universal Studios sure can - despite Battlestar Galactica coming to a close earlier this year, the studio is intent on trotting the franchise out anywhere they can, with recent news of a big-screen Galactica movie movie setting the nerdernet abuzz...