Election 2012

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Is the world even ready for a rap battle this epic? Doubtful, but both parties are about to be left a smoldering pile of ash in its wake.

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Vice President Joe Biden and Republican challenger Mitt Romney go face to face for the second presidential debate at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

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Big Bird plays the victim card, responding to Romney’s comments about cutting govt funding for PBS in the new Obama ad.

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WATCH: Crazy Lady Claims Obama Gave Minorities a Free ‘ObamaPhone’

Hopefully it doesn’t run the iOS 6 Maps app…

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Mitt’s wife survived an emergency landing.

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Obama vs. Romney, The 2012 Election is Now an Epic Video Game

Barack vs. Mitt, Michelle vs. Ann – who will appeal more to the common man and win the middle class? It’s an 8-bit battle to the death!