Funny Pictures

  • PHOTO: Park Sign Warns Kids Not to Eat Dog Poop

    A park sign in an English town shows the graphic image of a child eating dog feces to warn parents that if their kids eat it, they could go blind. What?

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  • Ancient Japanese Scrolls Depict Farting Competition [NSFW]

    These ancient Japanese scrolls from the Edo Period, 1603 to 1868 in the history of Japan, contain drawings of a farting competition held between men and women.

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  • PHOTO: Ants in Man’s Ant Farm Spell Out Message to Him

    Redditor MrHookup awoke to find a message spelled out for him by the ants in his ant farm. They dug tunnels to spell out a word in English for him.

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  • PHOTO: Man on Grand Canyon Wakes to Friend Peeing Off Ledge

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  • Internet Users Take Selfies; MS Paint Artists Draw Them

    Imgur users got together to host a "MS Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls", a la "Titanic." Users submitted selfies and other users drew them. The results are hysterical.

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  • PHOTO: The Best Wedding RSVP Response You Will Ever Read

    A Redditor's husband responded to a wedding invites question, "I promise to dance if you play" with the only logical choice. What is it?

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  • PHOTO: What Would Middle-Aged Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro Look Like?

    Gosh! Ever wonder Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro would like in their 40s? A Redditor snapped a pic of these two lookalikes waiting in line at a Subway.