Funny Videos

  • WATCH: Senior Citizen Sinks Free Throws While CrossFitter Does Something Unnecessarily Athletic

    A video filmed by a man trying to show off his arm balance on a stack of dumbbells is outshined by an older man nonchalantly sinking basketball free throws in the background.

  • WATCH: Nude Claymation ‘Hi Stranger’ Video Is Really Weird

  • ‘Drugged Up’ Girlfriend Covered in Cardboard Boxes So Boyfriend Can Escape to Work [VIDEO]

  • This Is What a Unicorn Sounds Like [VIDEO]

  • Guy Caught Breaking Into an Apartment has Worst Excuse Ever [VIDEO]

  • #ThankObamaIn4Words: The Tweets You Need To See

    With President-elect Trump coming into the White House in January 2017, voters are saying goodbye to Obama and his family after eight years in office with #ThankObamaIn4Words on Twitter.

  • Man in a ‘Zorro’ Costume Detained During LAX Panic

  • WATCH: Home Alone’s Marv, Daniel Stern, Finds Enormous Spider

  • Is the Kid’s Chorus Version of ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)’ Serious? Yes.

  • WATCH: Morgan Freeman Walks On Stage at Oscars to Steal Girl Scout Cookie

  • Funniest Videos on YouTube You Need to See This Week

    Watch the funniest videos of the week with news bloopers, an unaired 'SNL' clip, some tight pants, & a hilarious campaign video. Check out the best funny clips here!

  • WATCH: Republican Brad Smith Sing Maroon 5 & Dab in Funny Political Campaign Video

  • WATCH: Mean Tweets on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Music Edition #3 for the Grammy Awards

  • Funniest Videos on the Web You Need to See This Week

  • WATCH: Snoop Dogg Burger King Training Video for New Burger King Hot Dogs

  • WATCH: Boyz II Men Sing ‘End of the Show’ Super Bowl Song With James Corden

  • WATCH: Toyota Prius Super Bowl Commercial 2016 With ‘The Wire’ Actors

  • WATCH: Anthony Hopkins Turbo Tax Super Bowl Commercial 2016

  • WATCH: Ronda Rousey Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial With Seth Rogen & Amy Schumer

  • WATCH: Ant-Man & Incredible Hulk Coke Mini Super Bowl Commercial 2016

    Ant-Man & Hulk Coke Mini Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Watch the Marvel comic heroes in a chase to grab the Coca-Cola can in this superbowl ad full of action.

  • WATCH: Steve Harvey T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial 2016

  • WATCH: Odell Beckham Jr Buick Super Bowl Commercial & Emily Ratajkowski

  • WATCH: ‘Doritos Dogs’ Super Bowl Commercial Crash the Super Bowl Ad Winner

  • WATCH: ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ Super Bowl Commercial for

  • WATCH: Alec Baldwin Amazon Echo Super Bowl Commercial With Dan Marino & Missy Elliott

    Alec Baldwin Amazon Echo Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Watch the funny ad with Dan Marino, Missy Elliott & Jason Schwartzman at a superbowl party with the Alexa device.

  • WATCH: Key & Peele Squarespace Super Bowl Livestream & Commercials

  • WATCH: Kevin Hart Super Bowl Commercial Hyundai Genesis ‘First Date’

  • WATCH: Puppy Monkey Baby Mountain Dew Kickstart Super Bowl Commercial 2016

  • WATCH: Jeff Goldblum & Lil Wayne Super Bowl Commercial – Was It Racist?

  • WATCH: Christopher Walken Super Bowl Commercial – Sock Puppets for Kia Optima

    Kia Optima's Super Bowl 2016 commercial has Christopher Walken playing with sock puppets. Find your pizzazz inside a Walken closet in this funny superbowl ad.