Funny Videos

  • WATCH: ‘Whites Only’ Soap Dispenser Baffles Black Man

    An African-American man discovered that a hand sensor soap dispenser at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta would only dispense soap to his white friend.

  • WATCH: Man Saves His Barbecue Ribs From Apartment Fire

  • WATCH: Newscasters Saying ‘Deez Nuts’ Mashup

  • WATCH: Arizona Rattlers Dancing Football Player

  • WATCH: Little Boy Trying to Break a Board in Taekwondo

  • WATCH: Sleeping Man Gets ‘Twizzlered’

    A viral video shows the new prank fad of "Twizzlering", where pranksters see how many Twizzlers they can fit in a sleeping friend's mouth before they wake up.

  • WATCH: Magicians Hijack Street News Segment

  • WATCH: Toronto Road Rage Caught on Camera

  • WATCH: Singing Girl Burns Hand on Curling Iron ‘Mic’

  • WATCH: Man Stuck in LA Traffic Does Recorder Solo to ZZ Top

  • WATCH: PornHub Releases Real ‘Twerking Butt’ Commercial

    #1 porn site PornHub developed a "twerking butt" sex toy and released a funny commercial to advertise it. Watch the NFSW video here and find out where to buy it.

  • WATCH: DJs Troll Entire Crowd by Not Dropping ‘The Beat’

  • WATCH: Chubby Boy in Swimsuit Does ‘Mask’ Cuban Pete Dance

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  • CNN Claims ISIS Flag at London Pride; It’s a ‘Penis Flag’

  • WATCH: British Soldier Hits Little Girl in Face

  • WATCH: Wedding Aerial Drone Photography Fail

  • WATCH: Hippos Help Duckling Escape From Zoo Pond

  • WATCH: Shia LaBeouf ‘Just Do It’ Funny Green Screen Videos

  • WATCH: Shia LaBeouf Yells ‘Just Do It’ At You For A Minute

    Over the weekend actor Shia LaBeouf appeared in a Vimeo called "#INTRODUCTIONS" where he screamed motivational words in front of a green screen for a minute.

  • WATCH: World’s Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion

  • WATCH: Tic Tac Toe Fail During Houston Rockets Game

  • WATCH: FaceTime Cheating Prank

  • The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See This Week

  • WATCH: Bill Murray Pops Out of a Cake for David Letterman

    Bill Murray sent the Late Show with David Letterman a sweet send off when he popped out of a cake for the late night host's second-to-last show.

  • WATCH: Boy Lies Terribly to Mother That He’s Never Seen Porn

  • WATCH: Man Gets Rejected for Date on National Television

  • WATCH: Woman Finds Possum Living In Her Closet

  • The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See This Week

  • WATCH: Chewbacca Growl Recreated on Electric Guitar

    Ever wonder if Chewbacca's iconic roar is playable on a guitar? Apparently it is. Listen here.