• Lance Armstrong Sued by U.S. for Violating Postal Service Contract

    Armstrong's contract with the USPS required riders to follow the rules of cycling, including the prohibited use of performance-enhancing drugs.

  • Westboro Baptist Church is Allowed to Desecrate American Flag, Says ACLU

  • Hooters Waitress: I Was Fired Because of My Brain Surgery Scar

  • Fired Whistleblower Sues Rutgers amid Mike Rice Abuse Fallout [DOCUMENT]

  • Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

  • Intertrust Sues Apple Over Patent Infringement

    Intertrust Technologies filed a patent infringement suit against Apple.

  • Judge Judy Sued Over Fine China Dispute

  • Taylor Swift Sued for Cancelled Canadian Hoedown

  • Family Awarded $63M After Girl’s Extreme Allergic Reaction to Motrin

  • Chubby Checker Sues HP Over Penis-Measurement App ‘The Chubby Checker’

  • Report: Lance Armstrong Under Investigation for Criminal Charges

    Maybe honesty wasn't the best policy.

  • Cruise Ship Staffer Drops Sexual Suit vs. John Travolta

  • Justice Dept. Sues to Block Budweiser-Corona Beer Monopoly

  • Group Lawsuit Claims ‘American Idol’ Is Racist

  • Catholic Hospital Says Fetuses Aren’t People to Defend Itself in Court

  • Angry Readers Sue Lance Armstrong for Writing Untrue Memoirs [DOCUMENTS]

  • Two Men Sue Subway for Shorting Them on Footlongs

  • Newspaper Goes after Lance Armstrong for $1.5M it Lost in Libel Suit

  • Justin Bieber Sued by Bodyguard—Israeli Soldier ‘Assaulted’ by Biebs

  • ‘Jill Doe’s’ Lawyer Yanks $100 Million Lawsuit in Sandy Hook Massacre

    Lawyer Irving Pinsky has withdrawn his controversial lawsuit on behalf of a 6-year-old survivor.

  • Lawyer Trying to Sue Connecticut for $100M Over Sandy Hook Massacre

  • Master Hoaxer: Sandy Hook Shooter’s ‘Uncle’ is Also K-Fed’s ‘Brother’

  • Donald Trump Wins $5 Million from Bitter Beauty Queen

  • ‘Storage Wars’ Star’s Lawsuit Suit Claims Show is Faked

  • ‘Hot Yoga’ Guru Settles Suit v. Poser Who Stole His 5,000-Yr-Old Moves

    Yoga to the People will no longer use the signature 26-pose sequence of Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class.

  • SEC Sex-&-Corruption Scandal: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

  • ‘Price is Right’ Beauty, Fired for Pregnancy, Wins $775,000 in Suit

  • Bunny Ranch ‘Pimpmaster’ Dennis Hof Sues Hooker for Half Her Take

  • New York Business Owners Sue to Keep Selling Huge Drinks

  • Guidance Counselor Fired Over Old Hot Photos

    Tiffany Webb says she can't help it if students are looking up her old lingerie shots. They're online without her permission.