New On Netflix

  • New On Netflix: The Good Thief

    Neil Jordan's moody crime thriller features a disarmingly charming Nick Nolte as a professional thief who comes out of semi-retirement for one last big score.

  • New On Netflix: Office Space

  • New On Netflix: Trespass

  • New On Netflix: Carrie

  • New On Netflix: Kill the Irishman

  • New On Netflix: The Dark Half

    Stephen King and George Romero deliver an entertaining piece of self-congratulatory meta-horror featuring a terrific dual performance by Timothy Hutton.

  • New On Netflix: Blue In The Face

  • New On Netflix: True Grit

  • New On Netflix: We Are The Night

  • New On Netflix: The Warrior’s Way

  • New On Netflix: Broken Flowers

    Bill Murray's charming performance keeps the tank at least half-full throughout Jim Jarmusch's underfocused road trip through an aging gigolo's sexual past.

  • New On Netflix: Senna

  • New On Netflix: No Strings Attached

  • New On Netflix: Death Race 2

  • New On Netflix: YellowBrickRoad

  • New On Netflix: Alligator

  • New On Netflix: Creepshow 2

  • New On Netflix: Soldier

  • New On Netflix: Vamp

  • New On Netflix: The World is Not Enough

    Things started to get a bit silly in Pierce Brosnan's third go-round as James Bond, which features Denise Richards as one of the worst-ever Bond Girls.

  • New On Netflix: Bad Girls

  • New On Netflix: Apocalypse Now Redux

  • New On Netflix: Dead Heat

  • New On Netflix: Hook

  • New On Netflix: Jackass 3

    The 3D effects are missed on Netflix, but a Jackass experience at even only half-mast is still more exhilarating than most other things.

  • New On Netflix: C.H.U.D.

  • New On Netflix: GoldenEye

  • New On Netflix: Death Becomes Her

  • New On Netflix: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

  • Best Of Netflix: Murderous Teens

    So young, so beautiful‚ so deadly! Here are a few movies available for immediate viewing on Netflix that may inspire you to watch your back whenever you're around adolescents and their weird hormones that sometimes inspire them to do very bad things.