• Millie Weaver: Filmmaker Arrested Hours Before ‘Shadow Gate’ Documentary Release

    Millier Weaver, a conservative filmmaker associated with Infowars, was arrested at her Ohio home hours before the release of her documentary "Shadow Gate."

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    The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy is banning hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment except in clinical trials. Read the full regulations here.

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    Edward Henry was identified by Toledo Police Department as the man who shot and killed Officer Anthony Dia July 4, 2020, before turning the gun on himself.

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  • FBI Charges 4 Toledo City Council Members with Bribery and Extortion

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  • Na’Kia Crawford: Akron, Ohio Teen Shot & Killed at Intersection

  • FedEx Driver Says He Was Spat on & Called Racial Slur in Ohio

    A 23-year-old FedEx driver from Cleveland, Ohio was spat on and called a racial slur during a delivery.

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  • #ForSarah Goes Viral As Columbus Officials Investigate Sarah Grossman’s Death

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  • Myka Stauffer Adoption Scandal: YouTuber ‘Rehomed’ Adopted Autistic Son

    YouTube star Myka Staufferhas been slammed for "rehoming" her adopted autistic son Huxley after saying his special needs were more severe than the family realized.

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    A group of college students and other partiers said that they would not let coronavirus stop them from having fun at spring break in Florida.