• Shaun Runyon: Man Killed 3 Co-Workers in Florida ‘Rampage,’ Sheriff Says

    Shaun Runyon is a Pennsylvania man accused of killing three co-workers in Florida with a baseball bat and knife during a rampage while working as an electrician at a Polk County home.

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  • Home Depot Lumber Aisle Exorcism in Pennsylvania

  • Steak 48 Restaurant in Philadelphia Slammed for $100 Minimum

  • Officer William Moore: Pennsylvania Police Officer Investigated Over Video

  • Rochelle Hager: TikTok Star Dead After Tree Falls on Her Car in Maine

    Rochelle Hager was a TikTok star and LGBTQ advocate who died in a tragic freak accident when a pine tree fell on her car in Maine. The 31-year-old Waterville woman was an executive chef remembered for her exuberance, the Sun Journal reported.

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  • Tracy Rollins Jr.: Texas Man Charged in Murder of Model Found on Interstate

    Tracy Ray Rollins Jr. of Dallas, Texas has been arrested and charged in the death of former model Rebecca Landrith. Her body was found along a Pennsylvania interstate.

  • Rebecca Landrith: Former Model Found Shot Dead on Pennsylvania Interstate

  • Graphic Video Shows Jeffrey Spaide Shooting Neighbors While Shoveling

  • Pennsylvania Woman Stole Pelosi’s Laptop to Sell It to Russians: Feds

  • Man Beat Wife With Fireplace Poker for Cheating & Left Her to Die: Police

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  • Mom Charged for Allowing New Boyfriend to Torture 9-Year-Old Daughter: Cops

    Investigators say Julianne Lewis allowed her new boyfriend to beat and torture her daughter. The hospitalized 9-year-old may have brain damage — if she lives.

  • Missing Instagram Influencer Alexis Sharkey Found Dead in Houston, Texas

  • Mom’s New Boyfriend Nearly Beats 9-Year-Old to Death: Police

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    Pennsylvania Republican Dean Browning gets trolled on Twitter after replying to his own tweet saying he's a 'black gay guy.'

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  • Philadelphia Vote Count Halted: Why Did They Stop? Are They Counting Now?

  • Trump Campaign Declares Win in Pennsylvania While Millions of Votes Still Being Counted

    While votes are still being counted in Pennsylvania and no other source has called a win, Trump's campaign declared victory in the state.