• Ben Fields Named As Man Shot By Port St. Lucie Police

    Ben Fields was the man shot by police after he called 911 saying he was thinking about killing his wife in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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  • Frayser Riot Video: Man Hits Police Squad Car With Chair

    Frayser riots erupted after a shooting in Memphis involving U.S. Marshals. Watch a video a reporter captured of a man smashing a squad car with a chair.

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  • Robert McKeithan: Officer Set To Retire Is Killed in Shooting

    Robert McKeithan was just months away from retirement when his life was cut short. The Biloxi, Mississippi police officer who spent nearly 24 years serving his community was shot and killed right outside of the Biloxi police station this weekend.

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  • Amber Guyger Shot Suspect Uvaldo Perez Before Botham Jean

  • Botham Jean Didn’t Know or Date Cop Amber Guyger: Reports

    Despite social media speculation, news reports say that Botham Shem Jean did not know or date Dallas cop Amber Guyger before she shot him.

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    Archer Amorosi, a 16-year-old Minnetonka, Minnesota high school athlete, was shot and killed in a police standoff.

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    Sacramento police shot Stephon Clark dead Sunday night within seconds of encountering him in his grandmother's yard, video released by the department shows.