• Inauguration Day: Anti-Fascists Burn Flags & Vandalize in Portland, Seattle & Denver

    Anti-fascist protesters burned flags and vandalized property in Portland, Seattle and Denver on the day of Joe Biden's inauguration.

  • Portland Man Arrested Twice After Starting Small Fires With Molotov Cocktail: Cops

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  • Michael Reinoehl Investigated in Aaron Danielson’s Shooting Death

  • Aaron Danielson aka ‘Jay Bishop’: Portland Shooting Victim Named

  • Portland Shooting: Man Shot Dead on Video as Trump Supporters & Protesters Clash

    One person was shot and killed in Portland on Saturday night as a caravan of President Trump supporters arrived in the city.

  • Portland Man, Adam Haner, Says He Was Kicked in the Head Because He’s White

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  • ZT1 Patch on Portland Agent in Viral Photo Is an Identifier for Anonymity

    Photos have gone viral showing Portland agents with patches that say SRT or ZTi (actually ZT1). These aren't paramilitary designations. Here's what they mean.

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  • Ted Wheeler: Portland Mayor Denounces Trump’s ‘Terror Tactics’

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  • Federal Police in Portland: Videos Show Unmarked Vans, Arrests

  • WATCH: Black Portland Police Officer Calls Out Behavior of White Protesters

  • WATCH: Police Hit a Phone Out of a Portland Protester’s Hands

    Portland Police have declared protests "riots" and one slapped a phone out of a protester's hands in filmed scenes outside the Portland Police Association.

  • Jeremy Christian: White Supremacist Train Killer Gets Life In Prison

  • WATCH: Protesters Declare Autonomous Zone as ‘Spider-Man’ Climbs Up Condos in Portland

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  • Owen Klinger: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Owen Klinger is a University of Portland freshman and lacrosse player who was reported missing. His parents believe his body has now been found.

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  • Tamena Strickland: Woman Arrested In Portland Shooting

  • Portland Shooting: Reports of Multiple People Shot, 1 Dead

    A Portland shooting left multiple people injured and at least one dead. Some reports indicate the suspect is a woman who fled the scene with a young child.