• Fernando Martinez: Louisville Restaurateur Denounces BLM ‘Mafia Tactics’

    Fernando Martinez, of Louisville, has delivered a speech in protest of Black Lives Matter's demands on local businesses.

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    Samantha Hamer and Kerida O'Reilly have been arrested in relation to the beating of Milwaukee Senator Tim Carpenter in Madison, Wisconsin.

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    Reverend Vickey Gibbs, a female pastor in Houston who actively campaigned for the rights of minorities, has died within days of a COVID-19 diagnosis at age 57.

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    Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter collapsed after he says he was "punched and kicked in the head" for taking a video at June 23 protests in Madison.

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    A black man and his friends rescued a white man who was being trampled and beaten during violent clashes at a George Floyd protest in London.

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    The New York Post obtained an email sent by NYPD lieutenant Robert Cattani to other officers in which he apologizes for kneeling with protesters.