• Frankie Gebhardt Now: Where Is He Today in 2020?

    Frankie Gebhardt was free for more than three decades after brutally murdering 23-year-old Timothy Coggins in rural Georgia. Investigators said Gebhardt was mad that Coggins was dating a white woman, and disfigured him with his brother-in-law, Bill Moore.

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  • Rachel Dawn Ruit: Viral Racial Ranter Killed by Fire Truck

    Rachel Dawn Ruit, the 41-year-old North Carolina woman who went viral with racist rants, has died after being struck by a fire department truck in Asheville.

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  • Blake Neff, Writer for Tucker Carlson, Resigns Over Posts, CNN Says

  • WATCH: Church Volunteers Put Up No Trespassing Sign as Black Woman Sits on Lawn

    Video circulating online shows volunteers from a California church confronting a Black woman and saying "all lives matter" as she sits on the church lawn to work on her laptop.

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  • Little Caesars in Ohio Fires Two Workers After Swastika Found On Pizza

    Two Little Caesars employees in Ohio have been fired after they presented a customer with a pizza displaying a backwards swastika made from pepperoni.

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    The man shown in a viral video beating a Macy's store employee in Flint, Michigan on June 15 has been charged with assault.

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    Chris Janicek is a Nevada Democratic Senate candidate under fire for sexually explicit texts and alleged racist remarks.