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    As Iraqi troops fight ISIS deep inside Mosul, shocking raw video shows Iraqi fighters dragging bodies of slain terrorists through the city's streets.

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    A rocket exploded at Kennedy Space Center's Cape Canaveral's launch site during a test. Reports said it was to carry a Facebook satellite.

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    Actor Josh Brolin rescued a surfer overwhelmed by waves last month, and video of the event has emerged.

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    The Islamic State has spread their terror with the aid of social media channels like YouTube. Here are the most shocking videos made by the terrorist militia.

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    Syria's al-Nusra has released a video of the 22-year-old American jihadist, Abu Hurayra Al-Amirki, who carried out a suicide attack in the Idib province.

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    A viral video shows furniture moving inside the Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex. Could the theatre be haunted? Did ghosts do it?