• Minty Fresh Beats “Jaydiohead”

    NYC dj/producer Max Tannone crafted this mashup of Jay-Z and Radiohead. Tannone, who also goes by Minty Fresh Beats, got a lot of buzz around this mix, with even Jay-Z tweeting, “There are 3 or 4 real gems on Jaydiohead.” That means it's good.

  • Post Punk Party Mix…Oh Yeah!

  • The Brothers of Chico Dusty

  • Sonic Youth “Mixtape Vol. 8″

  • Full Release: Music

  • Full Release: Music

    This week sees new albums from Soundgarden, Kenny Chesney and Gucci Mane. Check our short reviews.

  • Full Release: Music

  • Dave Matthews Band Taking a Break in 2011

  • Primus Back On Tour And New Album

  • Paul McCartney Releasing Back Catalog With Indie Label

  • Spike Jonze Teams Up With Arcade Fire

    Spike Jonze has decided to team up with Arcade Fire to create a short film about "friends growing apart."

  • China Blocks Bob Dylan Concert

  • Slash Calls “Chinese Democracy” the Perfect Axl Record

  • Linkin Park Has an iPhone Game

  • OK Go Leaves Their Record Label

  • Slash, Cypress Hill and Fergie “Paradise City” Remix

  • New Beastie Boys Album Delayed

  • Tom Morello Scoring Iron Man 2

  • Possible Jeff Buckley-Inspired Broadway Show

  • Phish Bassist Mike Gordon Releases Live Solo LP

    Mike Gordon just finished up a tour with Phish in late December and is now just starting an eight show tour with his solo act that spans March 5th to the 14th. To prepare fans, Gordon released a double disc live LP which features covers of Radiohead...

  • Quadriplegic Man Injured in AC/DC Mosh Pit

  • No Velvet Underground Reunion