• Bret Michaels Has Brain Hemorrhage

    Former Poison frontman Bret Michaels, better known to today's youth as "the bald guy with the wig who's on all the reality TV shows," has been taken to the hospital and is currently in critical condition.

  • Joni Mitchell: Bob Dylan Is A Plagiarist

  • Paul McCartney Releasing Back Catalog With Indie Label

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer Makes Children’s Album

  • Spike Jonze Teams Up With Arcade Fire

  • China Blocks Bob Dylan Concert

    Bob Dylan was forced to cancel his east Asia tour after Chinese officials refused to allow him to perform in Beijing and Shanghai.

  • Slash Calls “Chinese Democracy” the Perfect Axl Record

  • Linkin Park Has an iPhone Game

  • MGMT “Flash Delirium”

  • Rage Against the Machine To Perform With Susan Boyle. Seriously.

  • Surprise, Surprise: Ricky Martin’s a “Fortunate Homosexual Man”

    Ricky Martin announced on his website yesterday that he is, in fact, gay.

  • Robert Plant Touring With Band of Joy

  • Axl Rose Threatens To Walk Offstage During Peru Show

  • Prince Owes Some Serious Taxes

  • OK Go Leaves Their Record Label

  • Slash, Cypress Hill and Fergie “Paradise City” Remix

  • New Beastie Boys Album Delayed

  • Tom Morello Scoring Iron Man 2

  • Possible Jeff Buckley-Inspired Broadway Show

  • Phish Bassist Mike Gordon Releases Live Solo LP

    Mike Gordon just finished up a tour with Phish in late December and is now just starting an eight show tour with his solo act that spans March 5th to the 14th. To prepare fans, Gordon released a double disc live LP which features covers of Radiohead...

  • Quadriplegic Man Injured in AC/DC Mosh Pit

  • No Velvet Underground Reunion

  • Carly Simon Reveals Exactly Who Was So Vain

  • Stone Temple Pilots To Release Self-Titled Album on May 25th

  • Aerosmith Announces Summer 2010 Tour in Europe

    So after all the arguments and rumors and splittings up, Aerosmith just recently announced in an online video that they're getting back together this summer for their Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock Tour in Europe.

  • Peter Gabriel Sits Out of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  • OK Go’s Viral Video Setback

  • Nickelback Is Pissed At A Pickle

  • Velvet Revolver Still Searching For Lead Singer

  • Take The Devo Color Study

    Did you know that there's a new Devo album on the way? And to celebrate, the legendary avant-pop new wave band are reaching out to you, the fans, to help choose a new... color?...