• Dad Peter Lanza Finally Claims Body of Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza

    Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza's remains lay unclaimed for two weeks until his dad, Peter Lanza, finally put them to rest.

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    There's nothing like brotherly love -- or apparently, as forgiving.

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    Simon performed Soto's favorite song as her loved ones said their final goodbyes.

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  • Mom Crusades against Chuck Norris Cutout after Sandy Hook Massacre

    In the wake of a horrific gun-related tragedy, one mom is taking aim at a headless Chuck Norris cutout.

  • Nancy Lanza, Adam’s Mother, Suffered from Multiple Sclerosis

  • Long Island School Locked Down after 13-Year-Old’s ‘Terroristic Threats’

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  • ‘I Ain’t Racist’: Footballer Who Called Obama N-Word Says Sorry for Tweet

  • Plumber: Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Played ‘Call of Duty’ for Hours

    In a military-themed basement lair, Adam spent hours firing digital versions of the guns he would use in the massacre.

  • Report: Adam Lanza’s Dad Hadn’t Spoken with Him for 2 Years

  • Six Newtown Schools Reopen After Sandy Hook Massacre

  • Bodies of Sandy Hook Shooter & Mother Yet to be Claimed

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  • No Charges as 9 Guns Seized after ‘Threats’ to Kill L.A. Kindergartners

    Kyle Bangayan allegedly made Facebook threats of a Sandy Hook-style shooting at L.A. elementary schools. Cops and feds arrested him and found nine guns, but the DA said to let him go.