• Sumosonic Spotlight: The Mary Onettes

    You are, of course, familiar with Sumosonic, right? Our monthly meltdown of the hottest new bands, hosted by Guns & Roses' Richard Fortus? Then you must know that each week, I give a little extra love to Sumosonic by throwing some attention on one of the featured bands.

  • Sumosonic Spotlight: Lullabye Arkestra

  • Sumosonic Spotlight: Wax Tailor

  • Sumosonic Spotlight: The Glass

  • Sumosonic Spotlight: Darwin Deez

  • Sumosonic Spotlight: Almighty Defenders

    It's time once again for me to take you by the hand and lead you into the Promised Land of new music - Sumosonic, where each month we deal up videos and interviews from breaking bands big and small.

  • Sumosonic Slices Forward

  • Sumosonic Spotlight: Mac Miller

  • Sumosonic Spotlight: Ninjasonik

  • Sumosonic Spotlight: Major Lazer

  • Sumosonic Smashes Back

    Do you remember when you could turn on the radio and listen to music? Before the world was taken over by talentless teenagers, noxious nu-metal and contemporary Christian crap? Well, we're not going to fill our ears with mediocrity any more.