• Scott Peterson Today: Where Is He Now in 2021?

    Scott Peterson remains on death row in San Quentin Prison, although his death penalty was overturned and he is seeking a new trial. The fate of Peterson is unclear today as his defense team gathers new evidence in his case.

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    Marguerite Jackson, a Temple University adviser, claimed in a statement released by Bill Cosby's defense that his accuser Andrea Constand told her she would make up the allegations. Constand denied meeting Jackson.

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    Chandra Levy was a federal intern in Washington D.C. when she was murdered. She was linked romantically to then Congressman Gary Condit. Who killed Chandra Levy?

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    Jodi Arias' attorneys have asked for a sequestered jury during the second phase of her sentencing to shield jurors from the intense publicity that surrounded the first phase.

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  • Judge: NYC Stop-And-Frisk Found Unconstitutional, Will Continue

    A federal judge today has found NYPD's policy of stop-and-frisk to be unconstitutional but, the program will still continue under close supervision.

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    Michelle Knight, who was raped, beaten, and held captive by Ariel Castro for over a decade, gave an emotional statement in court today while he was sentenced.