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  • Kamala Harris Says Respecting Americans Is Telling the Truth in Debate

    Kamala Harris told Vice President Mike Pence that telling the truth is essential to respect in a statement that quickly went viral on Twitter during the Vice Presidential debate.

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  • The IRS Must Send $100 Million in COVID-19 Stimulus Checks to This Group, Judge Says

    A federal judge ruled that incarcerated individuals are eligible for stimulus checks through the CARES Act. The IRS now must make the necessary payments.

  • Don Jr. Wanted to Stage an Intervention With His Father: Report

  • Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, Tests Positive for COVID-19

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  • Walter Reed Doctor: Trump Put Secret Service at Risk With Hospital Drive-By

  • Donald Trump Jr. Among Names Floated for Open Pennsylvania Senate Seat [REPORT]

    Media reports are conflicting about whether or not Donald Trump Jr.'s name is being considered for a 2022 Pennsylvania run.

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  • FACT CHECK: Was The Ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett a Rose Garden ‘Super Spreader Event’? Many Think So

    It appears the Rose Garden ceremony to honor Amy Coney Barrett may have been a COVID-19 super spreader event.

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  • President Donald Trump & First Lady Test Positive for COVID-19

  • Trump Aide Hope Hicks Tests Positive for Coronavirus: Report

  • Some States Prep for Voter Intimidation After This Trump Comment

  • Stimulus Package: ‘Instructed’ by Trump, Mnuchin Offers $1.6 Trillion Plan

    The White House has offered a counterproposal for a second stimulus package, including direct checks, according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

  • Mnuchin on Stimulus Checks: ‘If There Is a Deal There Will Be Direct Payments’

  • Breonna Taylor’s Mother Did Not Buy a Bentley or House With Settlement: Lawyers

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  • Did Joe Biden Finish Last in His College Class? No, but He Was in the Bottom Half

    Joe Biden's academic history was called into question during the 2020 debate, with President Donald Trump accusing him of graduating last in his college class.