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  • Is Gov Ron DeSantis Actively Hiding COVID-19 Facts From Floridians?

    After a raid on data scientist Rebekah Jones' home alleging a data breach, one DeSantis appointee quit, saying the raid was meant to 'intimidate and silence.'

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  • House Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana, But Senate GOP Likely to Block the Bill

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  • Republican Commissioners Block Wisconsin Recount Changes, Request Wider Machine Audit

    Bob Spindell and Dean Knudson are Republican members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which debated recount manual changes.

  • Stimulus 2: McConnell Becoming ‘Dr. No’ of Negotiations, Schumer Says

  • Second Stimulus: Biden Talks COVID-19 Relief & Taxes In a New Speech

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  • Million MAGA Marcher Says Cop Should’ve Kneeled on George Floyd ‘Longer’

  • Did Trump Concede? ‘He Won’ Tweet About Biden Trends on Twitter

    President Donald J. Trump made it clear that he has not conceded to President-elect Joe Biden after a tweet that led some people to believe that he did concede.

  • Chad Wolf’s DACA Suspension Invalid, Federal Judge Rules

  • A Record Number of Wisconsin Votes Might Be Recounted

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  • Man Found Stolen California Ballots in Sewer & ‘Covered in Glue’

  • PHOTOS: Kamala Harris Wears Symbolic White Pantsuit in Victory Speech

  • Kamala Harris’ Husband Doug & Stepdaughter Ella React to Her Win: ‘So Proud of You’

    Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, and stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, both took to social media to celebrate her historic win.

  • Joe Biden Has Won the 2020 Presidential Election Over Donald Trump: Projection

  • Has Biden Won the Presidential Election? Decision Desk HQ Says Yes

  • Stimulus Checks 2: Could You Receive Up to $6,000 Before Christmas?

  • Philadelphia Vote Count Halted: Why Did They Stop? Are They Counting Now?

  • WATCH: Paula White-Cain Prays to Protect Trump Against ‘Demonic Confederacies’

    Paula White-Cain’s prayer service summoning “angels” for Trump and accusing demons of rigging the election has gone viral. See the video here.

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  • Trump Calls Mail-In Votes That Put Him Behind ‘Surprise Ballot Dumps’

  • Farmer Found Stolen Arizona Ballots Under a Rock in Glendale: AG

    Stolen Arizona ballots were found under a rock in Glendale over the weekend, according to the state attorney general's office.