Iran Threatens to ‘Burn Down Israel’ When U.S. Attacks Syria

As the world struggles to come up with a resolution to the current Syrian crisis, Iran has threatened to attack Israel in retaliation for a U.S. strike on Syria.

Obama May Order Military Strike on Syria ‘As Early As Thursday’

Syrian Government Accused of Using Chemical Weapons, Killing 1,300 In Tuesday Night’s Attack

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New Horrifying Videos of al-Bayda Massacre in Syria [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

Syria’s Bloody Civil War in Graphic Images [WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT]

This collection of the most graphic pictures from the ground in Syria portray the true cost of war.

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North Korea Warns Foreigners to Evacuate South Korea

U.S. Positions Destroyer Ship Off North Korean Coast

North Korea Declares ‘State of War’ With South as U.S. Tensions Grow

North Korea announced that that is has entered a “state of war” with South Korea and that it would deal with every inter-Korean issue in a wartime manner.

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Iran Claims it Captured an American Drone; U.S. Says Nuh-Uh

Israel Confiscates Soldiers’ Cellphones, Signaling a Ground Attack

Tell Aviv Bus Bombing: 22 Hurt as Clinton Seeks Truce

As Hillary worked toward a truce in the Gaza conflict a bomb rocked a bus near the military HQ in Tel Aviv.

GRAPHIC: Anderson Cooper Tweets Pic of Executed ‘Spy’ Dragged by Motorcycle in Gaza

Israel Assassinates Islamic Jihad Leader in Strike on Media Building

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Israel Looks to Mobilize 75,000 Reservists as Ground War Looms

Israel Is Using Infographics To Explain Conflict With Hamas

The Israeli Defense Force has enlisted the help of their graphic designer to explain the statistics of the war with Hamas.

Israel-Hamas Twitter War Could Get IDF Account Suspended

Israeli Defense Forces Fire Into Syria

Britain ‘Throwing in the Towel’ on Afghanistan One Year Early

Israeli Air Strike Kills One Palestinian, Injures Two

Breaking News: Turkey Returns Fire on Syria After New Mortar Attack

The Turkish government in Ankara has returned fire on Syria after an earlier mortar attack in hit a farmland in the disputed Turkish zone of Hatay, according to Reuters.