• Free Game Of The Day: Shadow Factory

    In Shadow Factory, you're tasked with investigating a malfunctioning nuclear plant in the only logical way: by driving a giant monster truck through a number of tricky platforming challenges. Don't ask questions, just go for it.

  • Free Game Of The Day: Drift Runners 2

  • Free Game Of The Day: Don’t Look Back

  • Free Game Of The Day: Paccoland

  • Free Game Of The Day: Miami Shark

  • Free Game Of The Day: Forks And Arrows

    Forks And Arrows is a fast-paced defense game that puts you behind a crumbling wall, staving off a host of demented invaders. Can you survive?

  • Free Game Of The Day: Gemcraft Chapter 0

  • Free Game Of The Day: Pixel Grower

  • Balancing the US Budget: The Video Game

  • Kid Spends £905 On Farmville

  • Play Tremors

    Finally. Tremors was the first horror/comedy I ever saw, so naturally I loved it. It was one of those classics that was always deserving of a flash game tribute.

  • Dr. Phil Considers FarmVille To Be “Ridiculous”

  • Play First Person Tetris

  • Two Games For The Holidaze: Reindeertase & Santa Fu

  • The Truth Behind Evony

  • Peace In The Middle East, Thanks To Guitar Hero

  • Play Elona Shooter

  • Play 20 Heroes

  • Play How My Grandfather Won The War

  • Play Madness Accelerant

    It's Wednesday - referred to in the common vernacular as "Hump Day" - and if you don't have somebody to hump, Wednesday can seem pretty sad and blue. But cheer up, chirpy - things are going to get a lot better! Why? Because at Heavy.com, it's Web Game...

  • Play Juggerdome

  • Play Miami Shark