CES 2013: LG Announces New Google TVs, Smart-Appliances and 4K OLED TV

(Photo Credit: LG)

During their press conference this morning, LG announced products they will be launching this year. CTO Scott Ahn proclaimed, “We develop products people want.”

LG will be releasing two new Google TVs in 2013: GA7900 (55-inch, 47-inch) and GA6400 (60-inch down to 42-inch). Both TVs will come with a “magic remote.” This new remote introduces swipe gestures and voice command recognition.

LG continued to discuss how they are working hard to make it so appliance owners can interact with their devices using their smartphone. Examples include being able to start washing machines and vacuums with your smartphone.

Since CES 2012, LG has been working on a 4K LG OLED TV. This morning, LG made an announcement that the 4K LG OLED TV 2013 will be launched in the US this March with a retail price of $12,000. LG is currently in the process of working with Google, Disney, Activision and Verizon to create more 4k content.