Intel TV Service May ‘Kill Cable’: 5 Facts You Need To Know

Recently, rumors have surfaced about Intel TV — a new set-top box that may surpass Internet TV efforts by Google TV and Apple TV and, according to a recent article by Forbes, could “kill the cable industry as we know it.”

Here’s what we know so far, based on available leaks and rumors.


1. A Limited Beta Testing of the Box Will be Launched in March

A limited beta test of Intel’s new set-top boxes will be available in March to customers who have Internet access, regardless of the provider. This beta will roll out city-by-city, allowing Intel more flexible deals with content licensing.


2. Users Will Be Able to Subscribe to Content Per Channel

Unlike the traditional bundled-channels model currently practiced by all of today’s cable providers, Intel’s new service will offer a new a la carte model allowing subscribers to pay for only the channels they want to watch. A service such as this is something common cord-cutters have been aching for.


3. Intel Plans to Offer a “Cloud DVR”

With a new “Cloud DVR” offering, viewers will be able to watch any past TV show at any time, regardless of programming recordings before the show airs.


4. Intel Will Leverage its AppUp Center

Intel will leverage its already existing app store, AppUp, with its new set-to-box platform, allowing users to download apps, casual games and movies.


5. It May Integrate Facial Recognition

According to Reuters, Intel may integrate facial recognition technology that can be used to personalize ad targeting.


Update: According to The Wall Street Journal, Intel’s announcement of its new TV service and set-top-box may be delayed due to challenges acquiring licence agreements with studios.

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